My 180

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was going to just continue my Whole30 until Thanksgiving, but I’ve really felt burnt out on it the last few days, so I made the conscious decision tonight to enjoy a “cheat meal.” I don’t like calling it a cheat meal because I don’t feel like I’m cheating. Some people call it a reward meal, some call it a cheat meal, but I’m just calling it a meal. I don’t like calling it a cheat because that implies that I’m doing something bad. I also don’t like calling it a reward because rewarding yourself with food doesn’t create a healthy psychology with food. If I’m going to adopt a clean lifestyle for the rest of my life, it has to be manageable, and to me that means occationally giving myself permission to eat things that don’t necessarily fall into the category of “clean.” The only caveat I have is that it has to be worth it, so I ate something I’ve been craving pretty much since day 1 of my Whole30… pizza! I ordered my favorite pizza from my favorite local pizza place, and it was amazing!

I ordered the personal size pizza which really has no right to be called a personal size pizza. It’s way too much for one person. That definitely didn’t stop me from eating the whole thing though… I always knew it was a trigger food for me or as the Whole30-ers say a “food with no brakes,” but I never really realized just how bad it was. I got about 5 slices in, and the pizza just didn’t taste as good. It registered in my mind that I was getting full, and the taste just wasn’t as good, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to eat it. I wanted to, and I knew I should, but I also really wanted to keep eating it. It was a really weird internal struggle.

I also had some caramel apple pie gelato, and it was the same as with the pizza. I bought the pint size container, and I planned to only eat a cup of it, but once I started, I just didn’t want to stop. I got to the point where I was getting uncomfortably full. I even portioned it out, but I kept going back for more. It’s definitely an indicator that I can’t keep my trigger foods in the house. If I know they’re there, my mind dwells on it until I eat it. Even though I’m really uncomfortably full, and I wish I wouldn’t have eaten all of it, I don’t regret it one bit. It was what I wanted most, I made the conscious decision to eat it, and I savored every bite. 🙂

I also mentioned yesterday that I had an appointment with a personal trainer today. I was really nervous about it all day today, but I told myself it was just an hour, and I was going. I went to the gym after work and started changing only to realize I had forgotten my sports bra! I stood there for a minute debating whether I should just work out in my regular bra, but since I’ve been losing, my regular bras have been fitting looser too. I decided to just go home, and I rescheduled my appointment for next Wednesday. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little relieved.

Finally, the good news for today… I stepped on the scale this morning. I wasn’t expecting much because I’ve been feeling so bloaty lately, but I was down 12 lbs! That’s about 3 lbs a week. 🙂 Even though that’s a significant loss, I still feel a little disappointed with the way I feel. I’m happy for the loss, but I decided to do the Whole30 to be more healthy, and I don’t feel as healthy as I was hoping. Tomorrow I’m back to eating squeaky clean until Thanksgiving, so hopefully I’ll get more of the benefits I was originally doing it for.


Whole30-Last Day! …Sort of

As the title states, today is day 30 of my Whole30, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to keep it going for a little while yet because I’m not feeling the “tiger blood.” Honestly, I’m a little frustrated because I feel like I’ve gone through my Whole30 backwards. When I first started, I felt awesome! My digestive issues were clearing up, my skin looked clearer, I felt thinner… And now on day 30 of my Whole30, I feel bloaty and lethargic, I have had the worst sugar and carb cravings, and I just feel super lazy. I had to force myself to even write this post.

Honestly, it’s terrible because I should be feeling much better on day 30 than I did on the first few days, and it’s just the opposite. Ever since two Fridays ago, I’ve been off my game. I’ve been compliant, but something got screwed up in my gut, and it’s really affecting everything else. I did start taking my probiotic supplements again, and even after 2 days, I feel so much better. I was really hoping that eating the right foods would fix the problems, but I think it might take a little longer for me. So anyway, long story short, I’m extending my Whole30. I have a fun weekend with the boy planned for this weekend, so I might indulge in a cocktail or two, but otherwise I plan to keep compliant.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the personal trainer at the gym. I am so tempted to cancel it because I’ve been so lazy, but I know I need to keep it. It could be just what I need to get my momentum going again. I really hope they can give me a program that I’ll be able to stick with. I think that should be my goal for next month-create a workout plan and stick to it for the whole month, no excuses!

Normally this is where I’d post what I’ve been eating for the last few days, but it was just leftovers, so I really don’t remember… The one delicious thing I did make was coconut shrimp with coconut flour and shredded coconut. That turned out really good! Of course I forgot to take pictures though…

Anyway, I apologize that this is such a downer post, but I just feel so frustrated. However, tomorrow is a new day, and I intend to turn this ship around! I will be feeling that tiger blood by day 58!

Whole30-Days 24-25

The last couple days have been kind of boring, so I don’t really have much to report. The good news is that my stomach is feeling mostly back to normal today! 🙂 It still looks a little more bloated than it was before the celery incident, but I feel so much better. I can actually eat things again without feeling discomfort, so yay for that!

Yesterday I hit the gym after work, and I nearly had a panic attack when I realized I left my jewelry in my locker at the gym! I had been putting it in my jeans pocket, but, irony of ironies, I was worried I’d lose it! I called the gym as soon as I realized it was gone, and my heart sank when they said they couldn’t find it. She took down my name and number and said she’d call me if anyone turned anything in though. I just felt sick. It’s not very valuable jewelry by any means, but it’s sentimental and unique. I was just thinking about how I’d never be able to cost effectively replace it because it is so unique when she called me back and said someone had turned it in! I was so relieved! I got it back after hitting the gym again tonight, and I feel so much better.

Speaking of hitting the gym… I signed up for a free personal training session for next Wednesday! I work out at Planet Fitness, so it’s not really one on one training, but I do get to sit down with the trainer and talk about what I’m hoping to get out of it, and he’s going to give me some exercises I can do. So I guess I have to think about what my goals are now… Really I just want to tone up everywhere. I’m sure he can give me a total body routine to do.

Another fun thing I did today was attend a meditation techniques class at work. It was awesome! I’ve always been a fan of meditation and relaxation techniques to help calm and center your mind. We practiced a few different techniques in class, and when I was done, I felt so relaxed and ready to take on the rest of my day! The one technique that I was kind of bummed about was called Chocolate Meditation. He handed out Ghirardelli chocolate squares and told us to slowly unwrap the chocolate, study it, smell it, etc. Then he told us to take a bit and just hold it in our mouths to pick out the depths of the flavor; then slowly chew it letting it fill up your mouth. Then slowly swallow it feeling it go all the way to the stomach.

I, of course, could not participate with chocolate, so he told me to do it with water… somehow it just wasn’t quite the same. Haha. I don’t really feel like I missed out on anything though. I got the point of it, and there will always be chocolate later on if I really want some. I thought it was a great reminder though to just be in the moment and enjoy your food, whatever it is. I know I am usually doing 10 other things when I am eating, and when I get done, I don’t even really remember what it tasted like. I always say I love food, but do I really if I don’t take the time to enjoy it and experience all the depths of flavor and texture in my meals? Just something interesting to think about!

So what did I eat?

Wednesday, October 22-Day 24

Breakfast-Ham, Apple, & Sweet Potato Scramble, an apple, 8 oz Gingerberry kombucha

Lunch-Lazy Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots

Dinner-2 Larabars and some Raw Sesame “Cookies” over the course of about 4 hours. Shame on me for not eating a real meal, but I just wasn’t hungry after my workout. I had to make myself eat the Larabar.

Thursday, October 23-Day 25

Breakfast-An apple, 8 oz unsweetened black tea, Paleo Pumpkin Soup

Lunch-Sliced ham and a banana

Post Workout Snack-Larabar and 16 oz pineapple coconut water

Dinner-2 eggs and ham slice

One thing I learned in my meditation class is that thinking positively can really help improve your outlook on life. This is something that I try to do anyway, but he said one thing you can do is think of at least one thing every day that went well or that you are grateful for, so I am going to start adding that at the bottom of every blog post.

My proud moment for today was that I went for it at the gym. I’ve always been really timid and worried that people were going to judge me and the things I do. That my form was off or my exercises were silly, but today I said to hell with them. I brought along a list of exercises to do, went over and grabbed some free weights and did my exercises without worrying what others thought of me. So I am proud of myself for that!

I’d love to hear what some of your proud moments for the day were!


Whole30-Days 19-22

I’m not sure what happened. I was going along just fine, better than fine actually. I was feeling great! My digestive issues were going away, my skin was clearing up, my little aches and pains were going away, and I could tell my inflammation was way down. Then on Friday, something changed. I had my breakfast, and within an hour I had severe stomach pains. They were so bad I was hunched over at my desk in tears.

After the pain went away and dulled to a minor discomfort, I did a little research into what could be the cause. At first I thought it might be a sensitivity to something I hadn’t cut out with Whole30. All I had was celery, carrots, and eggs. I found some information on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, which is like a stricter version of Whole30 to really help figure out what things are trigger foods. I thought it might be the eggs, but I’ve been eating eggs this whole time without any problems. I wasn’t entirely convinced that was the culprit, so I kept digging.

I found some more information on sensitivity to raw vegetables which said that for someone with GI issues, sometimes eating raw veggies with high amounts of insoluble fiber is like rubbing a wire brush on an open wound. When I thought back on all the times I had these severe stomach pains, it was almost always after eating some form of raw veggies. I confirmed my suspicions the next night when I was out at dinner. I had a salad that had some raw veggies on it (I’ve never had a problem with lettuce, so I don’t think that is a trigger), and again, within an hour I had severe stomach pains.

So the new plan is that I’m going to keep up my Whole58 hoping that if I stay away from raw veggies, things will eventually sort themselves out, and I’ll get back to normal. Because of the extra irritation and inflammation from Friday, I feel like I’m back to where I was pre Whole30, so it’ll probably be a few days before everything gets back to great. If at the end of my Whole58, I am still having issues, I am going to switch over to the AIP diet to see if that regulates things. If that doesn’t do it… well, then I don’t know… Back to the doctor for more testing, I guess.

So aside from the stomach issues, this weekend was actually a pretty fun one. Friday night I just did my grocery shopping and watched a little TV. Saturday, the boy and I went apple picking, which I had never done before! It was fun, and I absolutely love apples fresh off the tree! They are fresher (duh!), juicier, and just all around tastier than the ones you get in the store. And as an added bonus, they were only $0.65/lb! I got a huge bag of them for only $4. 🙂

Apple picking

This is definitely my new favorite picture. 🙂

Sunday, I went to my uncle’s birthday party which I knew was going to be a challenge, but I went in prepared. I made a big lunch and asked my aunt what was all in a lot of the things she made. She made shredded turkey sandwiches that was just turkey brined in apple cider vinegar, seasoned with spices and cooked with some oranges in its belly. It was something I could eat, and it was delicious! I also made some applesauce with the apples I had picked the day before. It was really easy to make. I just cut up a bunch of apples and threw them in a crock pot with a little fresh apple cider from the orchard and some cinnamon. Once the apples were soft, I used my immersion blender to blend it into a chunky sauce. It tasted amazing, and I got a lot of compliments on it at the party. I also brought some flavored sparkling water along to drink. I got to eat a bunch of delicious food and have a good time while remaining compliant!


So what did I eat?

Friday, October 17-Day 19

Breakfast-3 eggs, celery, carrots, and 8 oz Gingerade kombucha

Eggs, Celery, Carrots

The culprit!

Lunch-Mustard Chicken and Roast Beets

Dinner-Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

Saturday, October 18-Day 20

Breakfast-Banana, 3 eggs, and 8 oz Gingerade kombucha

Lunch-An apple from the orchard

Dinner-Cajun Smoked Salmon and Carribbean salad

Sunday, October 19-Day 21

Breakfast-An apple and 8 oz Original kombucha

Lunch-Ham, Apple, & Sweet Potato Scramble from Paleo Newbie

Second Lunch-Apple Cider Turkey, some olives, pickles, and applesauce (PS I was actually hungry when I was eating. I wasn’t just eating because there was food out which is a no-no)

Dinner-Paleo Pumpkin Soup from fastPaleo

Paleo Pumpkin Soup

This is like heaven on a spoon! (Ignore my attempt to be fancy with the coconut milk on top 😉 )

Monday, October 20-Day 22

Breakfast-Ham, Apple, & Sweet Potato Scramble, an apple, and 8 oz Original kombucha

Lunch-Pumpkin Soup, baked chicken, and green beans

Dinner-Baked Potato and Pumpkin Soup

Tuesday, October 21-Day 23

Breakfast-Ham, Apple, & Sweet Potato Scramble, a banana, an apple, and 8 oz Gingerberry kombucha

Lunch-Pumpkin Soup and 2 eggs

DinnerLazy Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots

Whole30-Days 17-18

I feel like I’m back into the boring, I have nothing new to report phase. Yesterday I got home late, and my day was kind of boring, so I didn’t feel the need to bore you with a post. The highlight of my day was happy hour with some girls from work. I wasn’t planning on getting anything, but I went to the gym between work and happy hour, so I was way hungrier than I anticipated I’d be. So far I haven’t had much issue finding things to eat on the menu at restaurants, but at our usual spot, there really weren’t a lot of things I could have without taking everything off. I ended up just getting a steak salad with oil and vinegar. It was pretty good.

The one new development I had that was kind of interesting… I had a craving dream! It was pretty stupid. I dreamed I was at a holiday open house somewhere, and I was getting a tour of this place. They had iced gingerbread cookies and egg nog out for the guests, and when I walked past it the first time, I was completely ok, and I didn’t take any. Then we walked past it again, and I grabbed a cookie off the plate. The person showing me around gasped and was like “but what about your Whole30?!” And I was like “it’s ok. I’ve been so good, one cookie will be fine.” Then I ate it and immediately felt super guilty. I woke up and still felt guilty! It took me a minute to realize it was just a dream. How silly is that? They talk about it on the Whole30 timeline, but I just assumed people were exaggerating. I guess now I know!

So that’s it… the last couple days have been really ho hum and unexciting. I’m still going strong and feeling great though!

So what did I eat?

Wednesday, October 15-Day 17

Breakfast-An apple, 8 oz Cosmic Cranberry kombucha, and taco scramble

Lunch-Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

Dinner-Steak Salad with oil and vinegar

Thursday, October 16-Day 18

Breakfast-An apple, 8 oz Cosmic Cranberry kombucha, and taco scramble

Lunch-Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

Dinner-Mustard Chicken and roasted beets, I’m curious how the beets will turn out. I haven’t had beets since I was very young and my grandpa made me eat them. I remember sitting at their kitchen table bawling my eyes out because he wouldn’t let me leave the table until I ate them. I’ve been saying for the last probably 20 years or so that I don’t like them, and I realized the other day that that may not be true anymore, so I figured I should probably give them another shot… just to be fair… I generally like vegetables better when they’re roasted, so that should help. I’m pretty sure the kind he made me choke down were just the slices out of a can. Yuck…


Door County Trip

I don’t really have a ton to write about my trip, but I have a lot of pictures! It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day. The weather was pretty much perfect. We ended up going to Whitefish Dunes State Park and just hiked around on the trails a bit. There are several different kinds of terrain all in one small area, so that made it really scenic and interesting. To one side you have a gorgeous sandy beach looking out on Lake Michigan, and to the other side, you have forest trails.

We started at Whitefish Dunes State Park…

Whitefish Dunes Beach Door County WI

Beautiful beach

Whitefish Dunes Lookout Door County WI

View from the lookout platform.

Whitefish Dunes Door County WI

View from the other side of the lookout.

Then we hiked over to the neighboring Cave Point County Park…

Cave Point County Park Door County WI

Cave Point County Park

Cairn Beach Cave Point Door County WI

Cairn Beach. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the entire beach is covered in cairns. It’s beautiful and a little eerie.

Cairn Beach Cave Point Door County WI

Of course I had to make my own!

Cave Point County Park Beach Door County WI

Hidden little beach down the trail.

Cave Point County Park Door County WI

Beautiful day! Such gorgeous scenery… Can you see why this is one of my favorite places?

Overall it was an amazing day, but by far the best part was when my, now boyfriend, asked me to be his girlfriend. 🙂 It was very sweet and kind of old school. We were on one of the trails looking at the trail map, and he came up, put his arms around me, kissed me on the cheek and asked me “Will you be my girlfriend?” Of course, I said yes!

Whitefish Dunes State Park Door County WI

My favorite part of the day! Me and my new boyfriend!

Whole30-Half Way There!

Today is day 16 of my Whole30 which means I am over halfway done!!! I have already seen amazing results, but I’ve definitely got quite a way to go yet. So… I’m thinking of extending my Whole30 into a Whole58. Am I crazy?! …Maybe a little. 😉 Really, I don’t see any reason to stop eating the way I’m eating. I don’t find it that difficult to be completely honest. The first week was challenging, but I’ve almost completely gotten over my cravings.

My plan is that I’m going to continue to eat Whole30 super clean until Thanksgiving which would be day 59. I’m not going to go crazy or anything because I think my insides would rebel, but I’m going to relax a little. I have a couple of Paleo veggie recipes that I plan to bring to wherever it is I end up going, and I found a Paleo pumpkin pie recipe for dessert. I always tend to overdo it on holidays, so I’m really just giving myself a solid reason to keep myself in check. After Thanksgiving, I plan to do the Whole30 reintroduction. I might have to do Whole30 for a few days first so I can really tell how the foods I’ve cut out affect me.

As I mentioned, I’ve been seeing some amazing results in just 16 days of Whole30. I’ve had a lot of GI issues which are finally starting to regulate themselves after over 2 years of being really messed up. It’s still a work in progress which is another reason why I’m extending my Whole30, but it is significantly improved over what it was before. My cravings are almost completely gone! I have my moments when I would kill for a cheeseburger or a cheesy slice of pizza, but they are few and far between and fleeting when they come up. I am now able to walk past our treat table or go into my favorite little cafe that makes the best cookies and not even really be tempted by them. I’m able to eat until I’m full and recognize when that is! But my most exciting result…

Drumroll please… in just 2 weeks on Whole30, I’ve gone down a pant size!!! I needed a new pair of jeans because my good pair got a hole in them. Just for shiggles, I picked out a pair that were the next size down, and they fit! I didn’t even need to suck everything in and shimmy for 15 minutes until everything was displaced enough to get them zipped up. It was AMAZING! In just 2 weeks, I accomplished what I’ve been trying so hard for the last… who knows how long to do!

So what have I been eating?

Saturday-Day 13

Breakfast-3 eggs, 8 oz Gingerade kombucha, sauteed asparagus

Eggs, asparagus, apple

Nothing fancy, but it looked so pretty plated that I had to share. Doesn’t get more wholesome than this!

Lunch-An apple-I know shame on me, but we were out hiking, and I wasn’t hungry.

Dinner- 7 oz tenderloin, salad with oil and vinegar, baked sweet potato, and a fruit salad. This was my second time going out to eat while on Whole30. We went to Texas Road house, and it was definitely a prime example of why you need to ask about the ingredients in everything.  I asked how the steak was prepared, and they use a special seasoning that has both flour and sugar in it. Definitely glad I asked! I was also still kind of hungry after we were done eating, so we went to the grocery store for some dessert. 🙂 I grabbed a container of fresh fruit and savored every bite.

Sunday-Day 14

Breakfast-Banana and 8 oz Gingerade kombucha

Lunch-Breakfast Taco Scramble Mess from Ultimate Paleo Guide

Breakfast Taco Scramble

Doesn’t look too pretty, but it’s pretty tasty! Great taco flavor with just a hint of spiciness.

Dinner-7 oz sirloin with a baked potato and steamed broccoli. Again another example for why you have to ask. I ordered the mixed veggies and asked what was in them. Either she didn’t say corn, or I just wasn’t paying attention. The latter is most likely. When it came out I had to ask if they had anything else, and I just felt really bad. I did ask, but clearly there was some miscommunication.

Monday-Day 15

Breakfast-Taco Scramble, an apple, and 8 oz Citrus kombucha

Lunch-Lazy Pot Roast Soup

Dinner-I had a late evening, so it was just 2 eggs and a microwaved sweet potato

Tuesday-Day 16

Breakfast-Taco Scramble, and apple, and 8 oz Citrus kombucha

Lunch-Lazy Pot Roast Soup

Dinner-Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce from Paleo Grubs

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

This picture doesn’t do it justice… This is really good! I’d eat it even if I wasn’t on Whole30!

I had so much going on in the last couple days that I just couldn’t fit it all in one post! I had an amazing time in Door County with the boy, so stop back tomorrow to read about that and see all kinds of gorgeous pictures!

Whole30-Day 12

I made it through another work week, and what a challenging one, at that! Lots of treats all week, but I stayed strong. I didn’t have any of the sugar laden treats, and I’m still standing. Imagine that! I’m sure I’m actually in a better position than if I had had them. 🙂 Now the real test begins… the weekend…

I don’t know about you, but I find it fairly easy to stick to a healthy eating regimen on weekdays when the rest of my schedule is fairly regimented, and then on the weekends, all bets are off. I’m either not doing anything and want to eat out of boredom, or I’m doing so much that I have to just grab what I can. Weekends are also the time when I see friends and family, and what goes better with socializing than food? This weekend will be no different.

Tomorrow I am going up to one of my favorite places in the world-Door County. It’s peak week for the fall color, and we’re going to go enjoy it by hiking at some of the parks up there. It’s going to be an awesome day! The one thing that is going to suck though is that I won’t be going to any wineries which is one of my favorite things to do up there. There are also several treat shops up there I like to visit any time I make it to the area, but I won’t be visiting them this time around. I’m sure I’ll be fine though. It’s not like I’ll never go up there again, and it’s not like I really need those treats. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something I can have that will be good and good for me! Regardless of all the things I won’t be doing, I’m still really excited for the hiking!

I think I was right about all of my symptoms coming at me all rolled up into a two day stretch. I got way too lucky not having any of the negative side effects, that it was just a matter of time before something caught up to me. I had a hard time waking up this morning, and I had some slight GI discomfort after eating breakfast this morning, but I feel so much better. The one thing I’m really struggling with right now is wanting to weigh myself!

I feel like I’ve lost some weight; I can see it in my face, and I can feel it in the way my clothes fit. Even though I’m feeling amazing, which is what should really matter, I’ve been so conditioned to rely on the number on the scale that I feel this intense urge to weigh myself for reassurance. However, I’m not going to give in. I’ve committed to going all 30 days without weighing myself or taking any measurements, and I intend to stick to that. This process is not just about eating better, it’s also about breaking the unhealthy psychological ties we have related to food and health, and this need I have to weigh myself definitely feels like an unhealthy psychological response that needs to be taken care of. Because it’s something I’ve been conditioned to do for as long as I can remember, I feel like it’s going to be a really hard habit to break. My goal is to only weigh myself once a month at work with the health coach. Maybe I should just get rid of my scale… Haha that probably won’t happen!

So what did I eat?

Breakfast: a banana, 3 eggs cooked with spinach, and 8 oz. Cosmic Cranberry kombucha

Lunch: Leftover Lazy Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, and sauteed green beans

Dinner: Leftover Lazy Pot Roast turned into soup