Going Overboard

The last couple days I’ve been getting pretty frustrated with a group that I follow on Facebook. Well, I should take that back; I’ve been getting frustrated with some of the people in the group. The group is a Whole30 recipe group where people are supposed to share recipes and cooking tips pertaining to Whole30, and I really like that part of it. My biggest frustration is the sheer number of people posting pictures of the ingredients for a particular food item and asking, “Can I have this?”

Now I understand asking about trickier ingredients that you may not know or generalized ingredients such as “spices” or “natural flavor,” but I’ve seen people posting items that have zero questionable ingredients-both compliant and non-compliant. All this says to me is that you really don’t understand the program and need to go back to the source. Seriously. There is an exhaustive list on the Whole30 website that says what you can and can’t have, but even without that, they tell you exactly which groups you shouldn’t be eating during your Whole30.

Additionally, I have become really frustrated with the conspiracy theorists who keep telling people that you can’t have anything with “spices” or “natural flavor” because you don’t know what exactly is in it. I’m going to let you in on a little secret… It doesn’t matter! Why doesn’t it matter? Because of the FDA regulations on food labeling. According to the regulations, all ingredients must be listed on the package by weight unless they are one of a couple exempt items such as the aforementioned “spices” and “natural flavors.” Further digging provides the regulations on what exactly can be labeled under these umbrella names, and they are all Whole30 compliant. (With the exception of dairy possibly used as a natural flavor, but according to Melissa at Whole30, it won’t negatively affect your Whole30.)

After getting so frustrated with all the false information floating around on this group, I crafted a well thought out post about FDA regulations and food labeling linking back to my sources (mostly the FDA website). After posting, someone commented “practice as opposed to law,” which I think meant just because it’s law doesn’t mean companies will follow it. Which, to be honest, irritated me even further. In all fairness, yes, a company could slide something into a product and not list it on the ingredients list, and we’d be none the wiser, but they could do that regardless of whether or not “spices” is on the label.

Here’s where I take the biggest issue. We’re all adults here and we make our own decisions, so it’s totally up to you not to eat something because you are worried about hidden ingredients, but propagating paranoia and misinformation is really unfair. I know there are people in the group who are new to Whole30 and don’t have a full grasp on the rules yet, and telling them they can’t eat things that they actually can will likely make them really frustrated with the whole thing. We have to draw the line somewhere otherwise there won’t be anything left to eat!

There is no way to say with 100% certainty that what you are eating is the absolute most wholesome nutritious thing you could possibly be eating or that there isn’t something hidden in your food. At some point we just have to learn to trust. Are there companies out there unscrupulous enough to hide something in your food? Without a doubt, but you’ll go crazy worrying about it. All you can do is go by the information you’re given and make the best possible choices based on that.

*Deep breath out* …and rant over… 🙂


  • Stuck to my food goals all day. I’ve been eating too much fruit this past week, so I decided to limit my intake to one serving a day, and I did it today. 🙂 I’ve also made it a personal rule that I have to eat one green veggie with every meal, and I haven’t been following that until today. 🙂
  • I got my workout in right away after work even though I ended up staying longer than I wanted to.

Tomorrow’s mini goal: (I decided to change this part to make it something more relevant and actionable. It’s now going to be something that I can do tomorrow to improve my life.)

  • I will hit snooze no more than one time.


  • I am thankful that even though my house is as cold as a refrigerator right now, I have a place to keep warm and sheltered from the real cold outside.

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