Paying Down Debt

Today’s post will be pretty short as I don’t really have a whole lot to report… Last night I did have a little excitement because I found something on the menu at Olive Garden that is Whole30 compliant! Grilled salmon topped with herbs and olive oil and a side of steamed broccoli. I really hope there’s nothing else added to it besides the herbs and olive oil… I checked the nutrition and allergy guide before going, and none of the major no-nos were checked, so I believe I should be in the clear. (I know I probably should have asked at the restaurant just to be sure, but it was honestly the only thing on the menu I could have, so I didn’t really want to know at that point…) It was farm raised salmon, so not as healthy as it could be, but as an occasional meal, I am ok with it. The boyfriend’s family seems to really like Olive Garden, and I hate always having to make them choose someplace else because of me, so I’m glad I was able to find something.

I did restart the Blogilates Beginner Calendar today, and I can already feel the burn pretty much all over my body. It’s amazing how quickly you lose your conditioning when you move to being a couch potato! I’ve done the first workout probably 10 times now, and it had been getting much easier. I could actually almost keep up with her, but now, I have to keep resting again. It kind of sucks, but it’s definitely more motivation to get back in the game!

And my final (and probably most exciting!) news is that I worked the numbers today, and I’m going to be able to pay off my first student loan next month!!! I still have a way to go yet, but it’s so encouraging to actually feel like I’m making some progress. It sucks having to say no to vacations and going out all the time, but that high you get from paying off a debt is so worth it!

If you’re feeling like your finances are out of control, or you are just sick of making payments every month, I definitely recommend checking out Financial Peace University or at the very least reading The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. In it, he walks you through what he calls the Seven Baby Steps for getting out of debt and building wealth. It’s amazing how much money I was able to find every month just by paying attention to where I was spending it. I feel like I sound like a commercial right now, but really, I’ve just gained so much from the program that I’m just really excited to share! 🙂

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today… Anything exciting going on in your life? Feel free to share below!


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