Alright, it’s another short and sweet post today. I really haven’t been doing anything groundbreaking as far as what I’ve been eating, and I’ve been really unmotivated to do any working out, so I haven’t had much to write about, unfortunately.

On Friday I did have a little bit of excitement in that I hit a milestone with my weight loss. I am now officially down 50 lbs from my highest weight! I’m only down 30 from my last serious push to lose weight, but that’s still really exciting! I buy 30 lb bags of food for my dog, and those suckers can be heavy to carry through the store! And to think I had been carrying that around all the time on my body… Crazy!

I was a little frustrated today though because I had a small reminder of just how far I have to go yet. I have been trying to get some life insurance in place, and I thought I’d get a pretty decent rate because overall I’m pretty healthy. When the rep from the insurance company called me, she told me that my rate was actually going to be much higher than what my online quote came back as due to my height/weight ratio. It just kind of sucks because I’ve been feeling great lately, and it was just kind of a kick back to reality. Oh well… By this time next year, I’ll be down to my goal weight and I can get a requote to save some money! 🙂

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for you today. What have been your wins or reality checks this week?