Fudging My Way Through the Whole30

Ok, so I clearly rock at posting consistently… I really just lose track of the days. I honestly thought it was only a couple days ago that I posted last until I came on here and saw that it was 12 days ago. Lol. Oops… Soooo if you’re a regular follower… sorry about that! I’m going to come up with a schedule and put it on my calendar so that I am reminded to write. That way I’ll make sure I’m posting at least a couple times a week.

Anyway, not too much has been going on since my last post. I’m on day 15 of my Whole30, and things have been going pretty good. However, in the name of honesty, I will say that I have not been sticking to it 100%. I’d say I’ve been 99% compliant which is pretty darn good, but it’s not great. I can tell that I’m getting results in just the 2 weeks that I’ve been doing it, but I feel like I’m cheating myself out of even better results. When I’m finished with my Whole30, I want to be able to say that I gave it my all. That said, I’m going to extend my Whole30 by 2 weeks and make it a Whole45. I could just scrap it altogether and start over at day 1, but that feels like a failure, and I don’t think I’ve really failed. I’ve had moments of weakness, but I haven’t thrown in the towel and gone completely off plan.

What were the moments of weakness? Well, 2 weeks ago I had a cheese curd when the bf and I were out for his friend’s birthday. The plans were last minute, and I let myself get too hungry before we went. The bf ordered some poutine, and the cheese curds just looked too good to pass up. Lesson learned: don’t let myself get too hungry! Second-last weekend, I had a couple Pringles because the bf bought a flavor I’d never had before, and it sounded really good, so I wanted to try it. They weren’t very good. Lesson learned: It’s just food. If I really have to have it, I can always get it after my Whole30 is up. If it’s no longer available, then that’s probably a sign I didn’t need it.

In the grand scheme of things, these mistakes really aren’t going to kill me or completely derail my Whole30, but it doesn’t feel like as good of an accomplishment with those blemishes on there. After each instance, I was kicking myself for giving in and not staying strong. If it was just those 2 instances, I don’t think I’d be starting over. I think I’d probably just call it a mistake and move on; however, I haven’t been following the healthy meal guidelines either-mainly because I’m just not that hungry which makes me not want to cook anything. It’s amazing how in such a short time, my appetite has shrunk so drastically, but it does make it challenging to stick to the plan. I often feel like I’m forcing myself to eat, and because I just don’t feel like cooking a huge meal, I often tend to make something small and easy. The easiest and quickest things to make tend to be very carb heavy.

I have noticed the past few days that I’ve been really tired. This weekend I slept for probably 12+ hours a night, and yesterday morning and this morning, I had a really hard time getting out of bed. I know this is due to the excess of carbs in my diet, so I’m really going to work on eating fewer carbs and more protein.

I’ve been doing pretty well with my workouts. They still seem really difficult for a beginner’s series, but I can tell that I’m getting stronger. I feel that good ache you get after a productive workout, but I don’t hurt so badly that I can’t move anymore. I just wish I didn’t have to sit out of so many exercises because I physically can’t do them yet, and there isn’t much you can do for modifications.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for you today! If you’re doing a Whole30 or have done one in the past, let me know in the comments what some of the biggest challenges you faced were and how you overcame them.



Whole30 Day 3

I have now successfully completed 3 days of my Whole30! I know it doesn’t seem like much to be excited about, but considering how many times I’ve failed in the past, I feel pretty good about it. I think the biggest difference this time around is my mindset. I’m excited to be doing this. I’m up for the challenge instead of dreading it and feeling like it’s something I have to do. I really feel like having a solid plan in place with visible reminders of why I’m doing it have really helped.

I’m also really proud of myself that I worked out this morning even though I wasn’t feeling very well. I feel all congested, I had a terrible headache, and I had zero energy. I’m not even exaggerating… I had to sit down a couple times while I was taking my shower this morning. I think what got me through was that I just reminded myself that it was probably just Whole30 flu, and the only way I’m going to get through it is to get through it. Exercising would probably even help.

We tried to pick an easier workout today because neither of us was feeling very well, but it still ended up being pretty challenging! I can definitely tell that I’m getting stronger though. We’ve been doing our morning workouts for about a month now. Honestly, it’s been pretty sporadic, but it’s been enough that I can tell there’s a difference. I really noticed it today when we were doing our double leg lifts. They were by no means easy, but I was able to do more than I could a couple weeks ago.

I have started utilizing my standing desk more regularly at work too. Today I downloaded a widget for my computer that you can set to tell you when to sit and stand. I currently have it set for 45 minutes sitting and 15 minutes standing. Eventually, my goal is to reverse those. I feel like it might be annoying to my coworkers that I keep shifting, but whatever. I have to do what’s right for me and my health, so they’ll get over it. 🙂

I did have a bit of a funny moment today… My bf and I always call each other weird pet names to be funny, and today when I was trying to swype the word “sugar” my phone changed it to “diabetes.” Well played phone… well played…

Today’s meals:

  • Breakfast-veggie omelet from the caterer.
  • Lunch-just a honeycrisp apple… I know, shame on me, but I just really wasn’t hungry.
  • Dinner-Chocolate Chili from meljoulwan.com. (This is seriously one of my all time favorite Whole30 recipes. You’d never guess it’s Whole30!) I’ll probably have some veggies or something too though I’m still not feeling that hungry.

At some point I’ll post my whole Whole30 meal plan. It’s pretty simple because I’m only cooking for myself. I always end up with a ton of food leftovers, but that works out really well for saving money and cooking time. I make sure to get at least 3 servings out of my meals, and I eat the first serving for dinner the night I make it, I eat the second serving for lunch the second day, and I eat the third serving for breakfast the next day. I like to space them out like that so I’m not eating the same meal twice in a row or twice in one day.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Whole30 Day 1… Take 3

Hey there, I know it’s been a reaaaaally long time since my last post-about 4 1/2 months, but who’s counting? 😉 Well, all I can really say is life got crazy, I got lazy, and I felt like I was spiraling out of control. I know in my last post I mentioned I was going to turn things around, and I did… for about a week. Then I was right back into my old habits. It’s really hard for me to admit, but right now I’m 10 lbs heavier than my previous heaviest weight-a weight I swore I would never get back to. Well, obviously, I did. And then some.

Now here’s where I could beat myself up, tell myself how much of a loser I am for getting back here, but what’s the point in that? I screwed up. I made a long series of mistakes. Am I happy about where I am right now? Absolutely not! But what is it going to accomplish if I dwell on my failure? Absolutely nothing! It took me a while, but I’m finally to that point where I’ve had enough. None of my clothes fit me anymore, I’m tired all the time, I feel like crap, and frankly I’m just really unhappy.

A couple months ago, I signed up for Weight Watchers again, and I lost about 5 lbs on it in the first 2 weeks. I was really excited about my progress, but then I fell off the wagon, and gained it right back. I tried really hard to reign myself in, but I have a sugar demon raging inside me, and I found it really hard to keep within my daily points allotment when I was allowing myself to continue to have treats. Even if I planned ahead and counted the points, I would always go overboard. So I finally made the decision that I needed to do another Whole30+ to get rid of my cravings.

That brings me to this weekend. I decided I was going to do a November Whole30 and start it right away on November 1. Well… we ended up not going to the grocery store, so I didn’t have any Whole30 foods for day 1. I wasn’t really too worried about it though because I figured I’d just start the next day. I didn’t really have my plan in place anyway, so day 1 would really have just been winging it. Anyway, on Sunday, I sat down and got my meal plan together and went grocery shopping, so I was all set for the week ahead.

Then yesterday, I had a really off morning. I didn’t sleep very well the previous night, so I slept in a little, and my whole morning routine got thrown off. I had a meal in my crockpot in the fridge just waiting to go into the base and cook away for my delicious dinner that evening, and of course… I forgot it in the fridge! Luckily, my sister was still home, so I called her, and she was able to get it going for me. After hanging up with her, I remembered another thing I had forgotten that morning… my breakfast and lunch for the day! I tried rolling with it at first and got some eggs from the caterer for breakfast, and I was planning on getting a salad with some grilled chicken from somewhere for lunch, but 2 eggs was not enough of a meal, and I was starving by 10:30. I didn’t think I’d make it until lunch, and by that point, I was not making good choices, so I went to the vending machine and got a Pop-Tart.

I was a little upset with myself that I couldn’t even make it the first day, but, honestly, I got over it pretty quickly. I was already having a bad morning, so I tried not to beat myself up too much. Luckily it was only day 1, and I had already delayed my start date, so one more day was not the end of the world.

That brings me to today, and I am happy to say that I have successfully made it through Whole30 day 1! However, if today is any indication of how the rest of it is going to go, it is going to be very challenging… I had been in such a junk food rut for so long that I am having some serious cravings. Visions of cookies and cupcakes were dancing through my head all day, and I could have killed for a diet Pepsi! I just need to remind myself though that these are only temporary. They are going to get much worse before they get better, and I just need to get through them.

So here’s what I ate for day 1…

  • Breakfast-Slow Cooker Cherry Apple Pork Loin from Once a Month Meals and a big bowl of frozen veggies with a little olive oil and some Mrs. Dash
  • Lunch-A can of tuna in olive oil, drained, on a bed of romaine, drizzled with olive oil and vinegar and a bit of Mrs. Dash and a honeycrisp apple (the apple was on the side-not part of the salad… That would be gross. 😉 )
  • Dinner-Stuffed Acorn Squash from Once a Month Meals. The squash took longer than anticipated to cook, so I’m satisfying my hunger with a handful of kalamata olives while I wait. 🙂

Finally, as any good fitness/health buff will tell you, nutrition is only one piece of the puzzle, so I’ve also been getting my butt in gear with morning workouts. A friend and I have been doing workout videos together in the mornings at work. This week we started the Blogilates beginner’s calendar. Our plan is to do a modified version of the calendar since I don’t have a good place to do the workouts on the weekends. We were supposed to start on Monday with day 1, but my workout buddy has been sick, and I had such an off morning, we decided to start today instead. She ended up being sick again, but I made myself go in and work out anyway, and man did I forget how challenging even her beginner workouts are! I have to stop halfway through all of the exercises to take a rest! It makes me feel even more out of shape than I am, but I guess the bright side of it is that I will get stronger, and the workouts will feel a lot easier. That’s what I’m hoping anyway!

I feel like a broken record sometimes. I know that I have tried numerous times to get myself back into gear. I’ve had one successful Whole30 and numerous failed ones. I’ve failed at diet after diet and exercise regimen after exercise regimen, but this time it’s different. I can feel that it’s different. I felt the snap inside me that said “enough!” Instead of going into this half-heartedly and hoping for the best, I made a concrete plan. I have goals in place, and all my stats are prominently displayed, along with my current “before” photos, on my wall where I will see them multiple times a day and be reminded of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. This time, I know I will make some big changes that are going to last.