Week 3 Progress

This will be a quick one today. I didn’t do my official weigh in, but I’m sure it’s not great. I’m ok with it though because this week has been unusual. I weighed myself yesterday, and I had a gain of 1.5 lbs.

The breakdown: My week started with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day-my two favorite days of the year. Last week I said I was going to try to track, but I wasn’t going to be super strict about it, and that ended up not happening. I tracked my breakfast each day, but by lunch, I was busy enjoying company, so I didn’t want to stop and take out my phone to track it all. I was pretty good with my main meals, but I definitely overdid it by grazing. I also gave myself a pass on working out because I didn’t really have time in between all the family stuff. I could have made time, but again, I was enjoying family time.

Saturday and Sunday I did fairly well keeping myself on track. I didn’t work out on Saturday because it’s my rest day, and I don’t really have any place I can work out at my boyfriend’s house. Sunday we did manage to go to the gym which felt pretty good after my days of overdoing it and being lazy.

Then Monday morning I woke up feeling like garbage, and I’ve been sick since. My head and chest have been really congested, and I just have zero energy. Obviously working out has been off the table the last few days since all I want to do when I get home from work is lay down, and my eating has been crap. I don’t know about you, but when I get sick, I don’t feel like cooking a huge meal, and all I really want is comfort food. I’ve been overdoing it on the soups and breads the last few days, but again, I’m ok with this minor setback because it’s unusual. If it becomes my new norm, then I’ll worry about it. As soon as I am feeling better, I can’t wait to get back to my workouts and eating better! Hopefully by this weekend, I’ll be back to normal or at least to the point where I don’t feel like death.

Week 3 Progress Report

Week 3 loss: 1.5 lb gain

Total loss: 1.5 lbs

NSV: I did intervals on the treadmill on Sunday, and I was able to run for a full minute 4x. 🙂

Adjustments for next week: Again, sticking to my plan! Hopefully I’ll kick this cold soon and can get right back to business!


How do you handle sticking to plan while sick? I think this would be and instance where freezer meals would come in handy…

Have a safe and happy new year!

Week 2 Progress

I am 2 weeks into my weight loss journey, and honestly I haven’t been doing that well with staying on plan. I’d say I’ve stayed within my ranges about 25% of the time. I could make excuses and say that it’s because of all the holiday treats scattered around the building at work, but I won’t. I’m sure it doesn’t help to have the added temptation, but ultimately, it’s my choice whether or not to have some, and I’ve just not been making good choices. As I said previously it is in my plan to allow myself some treats in moderation, but consuming between 250-1000 calories a day in treats is not even close to moderation. (It’s usually closer to the 250 than the 1000, but there was one day that I hit the candy hard!)

One thing that I have noticed that I struggle with quite a bit is staying on plan during my free time. I joined the Sparkpeople Spark Coaching, and one of the things they have you do is assess how you did over the last 24 hours with sticking to plan. You mark on a scale of 1-5 how well you feel you did, and then you write a couple sentences about why you feel that way, and I have noticed a major pattern. I can stick to plan pretty well during the day (even with all the treats out), but when I get home, I go off plan. I end up going out for dinner because I don’t feel like cooking, or overconsuming on the snacks in my cupboard.

I think this is due to the fact that during the day I have a somewhat regimented schedule, and I’m distracted by my work. I eat my breakfast in the morning when I get to work, around noon I eat lunch, around 2 I have an afternoon snack, and then around 4:30, I go home. When I get home though, it’s a different story. I usually try to get a workout in, but then after that, I don’t really have a schedule. Maybe I’ll clean one day or watch TV another, and I think it’s this lack of a schedule or distraction that sends me to the kitchen. So in an attempt to combat this, I am going to work on making up a schedule for myself after work, and I’m going to find a hobby. Last week I colored while I watched TV, but it made my hand hurt, so I’m not sure that can be an everyday thing…

I’m also finding that weekends are difficult for me as well for the same reasons stated above. We don’t really do a whole lot on the weekend, so it leads to boredom which leads to overeating. Last weekend I had a really hard time staying on track. First on Friday, I was really snacky by the time I got to my boyfriend’s house, and we couldn’t eat right away because we had to get to a bunch of stores before they closed. By the time we got to the grocery store it was after 9, and we were hungry for everything and nothing at the same time. It was hard to find something to eat that we agreed on, and after much wandering and some arguing we ended up getting the stuff to make Philly cheese steaks. They definitely put me over my calorie budget, but I’m not gonna lie… they were worth every calorie. Normally I’d be fine and just call that my worth it meal for the week, but I knew I had a Christmas party the next day that I’d probably be overdoing it at.

I tried to compensate for my previous high calorie day on Saturday by eating light all morning. I had a Chobani Flip for breakfast around mid morning, and then I didn’t eat anything for lunch. This was not a good idea.

My parents got me tickets to see the traveling Broadway performance of Beauty and the Beast at the Performing Arts Center, and I went to see it with my mom. Before the show started we had a bit of time to kill, so we ordered some glasses of wine, and then preordered some for during intermission. I was completely not thinking about the fact that I hadn’t eaten much all day, and after my second glass, I was pretty tipsy. An hour after my second glass, I was still feeling it, and we had to stop and grab dinner before heading to the Christmas party. The closest thing on the way was Wendy’s, and being famished and a little tipsy, I did not make good choices. I had a gooey cheesy bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a lemonade. I’m pretty sure that meal was my entire day’s worth of calories right there… and then some… About an hour later, we got to the party, and the usual party snacks were laid out on a table, and I way overdid it by grazing throughout the night. I also had a couple more drinks… I did really well sticking to plan on Sunday though.

Beauty and the Beast Traveling Broadway Performance

Best birthday present ever! Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite Disney movie, and the live show did not disappoint. 🙂

The rest of my week was pretty boring. I just had work and came home. I did well sticking to my food goals with the exception of Monday night. My sister had a bunch of candy that she was eating while we watched TV, and she shared with me. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to eat it because I was almost at my max calories for the day, but I did it anyway. That was my 1000 calories over goal day… The sad thing is, it didn’t take all that much candy to get me to that point…

Best dinner ever, broccoli, pizza rolls, and oatmeal

Best dinner ever… I was feeling lazy last night, but I didn’t want to go over goal, so I had some pizza rolls, oatmeal, and steamed broccoli. 😛

I am a little worried about tomorrow and Friday being Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I have family parties on both days, so I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of high calorie foods and adult beverages. I am going to try my best to track, but sometimes when other people are making the food, it can be difficult. My plan is to try to stick to the lean meats and veggies and have just a sampling of anything else that looks good.



Week 2 Progress Report

So all that said about how I didn’t do well this week, I must have done something right because I still managed to lose 2 lbs this week for a total loss of 3 lbs!

Week 2 loss: 2 lbs

Total loss: 3 lbs

NSV: I am noticing that my clothes are just ever so slightly more comfortable. 🙂

Adjustments for next week: Sticking to my plan! This week I adjusted my calorie levels down a little from week 1 because I looked at a few different calculators, and I was just a bit high for reaching my goal. Now, I just need to be more diligent about sticking to it.

I probably won’t be posting tomorrow or Friday, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Let me know in the comments below how you are planning to handle/have been handling any holiday parties.

Week 1 Progress

Well, this should be interesting. I’m typing this post on my phone because I forgot my laptop. It’s a short one, so hopefully it should be ok. Bear with me on any typos. 😉

This week was pretty good. On my Wednesday weigh in, I was down 1 lb. I’m on a 10 day streak of working out every day. 🙂 And today when I did my morning pilates workout, I was able to do all the moves.

The first move we did was a dogging cobra, which if you aren’t familiar, you start in downward dog and then without moving your hands or feet, you shift down into plank position and then dip down into cobra. Then you pull your butt back into downward dog and repeat. We’ve had to do them in videos before, and I never could, except today! The second move I was never able to do was the boat teaser sit up. Again, for anyone unfamiliar, you start laying flat on the ground with arms and legs extended. Then you sit up in a v with your legs bent into boat position. Then you straighten your legs so you’re in a full v for the teaser and then lay back down. I never could do these before, but today I could, and they didn’t even feel that difficult. 🙂 The final move I conquered today was called a windshield wiper. I only managed a couple, but it’s better than the none I could do before. 🙂 For this move, you go into a bridge and extend one foot parallel to the ground. Then you move it out and in. It’s still very challenging, but I’m so excited to see the progress I’ve made over the last 6 weeks, and it makes me more motivated to keep it up!

Well that’s my progress update for this week! I’ve been trying to write more, but this week has been crazy! Hopefully after the holidays things should settle down. 🙂

Please let me know in the comments below if you’re on your own journey, and what you’ve accomplished this week.

The Journey Begins

Today’s post is a bit long, but hopefully will be worth the read. 🙂

My 29th birthday was 4 days ago, and over the past couple weeks, I’ve really been thinking about a lot of things-where I want to be in my life, what are some goals that I want to accomplish, etc., and as far as my health, where I want to be is so far from where I am that it’s really time for a change. What better time to make a huge change than when you’re staring at the precipice of a new decade! That’s when everyone does these things, right? Well, here’s the big goal… I am going to get down to my goal weight by my 30th birthday. If I follow the safe weight loss guidelines, that’s more than 2 lbs a week, so I’m giving myself a 15 lb leeway. If I get down to within 15 lbs of my goal weight by the morning of my 30th birthday, I’m getting myself something that I’ve always wanted. What is it that I’ve always wanted? Well, you’ll just have to wait 364 days to find out!

So how am I getting there?

Well, obviously since I failed my Whole30 once again, going super strict paleo is out-for now at least. I’m really frustrated at myself for failing, but let’s be honest… I set myself up to be doomed from the beginning. My mindset was that I just needed to get through the 30 days, and then I could go back to eating whatever I wanted, which is so not the point of the Whole30. I think that’s my problem with every diet I’ve ever done; I think of it like a temporary thing that I just need to get through until I can get to whatever goal it is that I want to get to, and then when I’m done, I can have all the cake and cookies and pizza and burgers I’ve been yearning for while on my diet. Obviously that doesn’t work.

If you want lasting change, you have to make changes that are going to last. For me, cutting out all sugar and carbs is not a lasting change that I can make. The thought of never having pizza again is a very sad thought indeed! I know that I need to make some changes, but they have to be changes that I can live with for the rest of my life because I want a new, healthier life. I love food, and I love trying new things, so severely restricting what I can and can’t eat just doesn’t work for me. I like the idea of not having to count calories or macros, but cutting out huge groups of foods and trying to tell myself that I can’t have them anymore just makes me want them more. Now the big question is what will work for me? That is something I am going to have to figure out. I have a plan, but it is flexible as I think a good lifelong diet should be. Our lives and bodies are constantly changing, so sticking to the same thing forever and ever amen, probably won’t work for most people.

My starting plan is to do a sort of hybrid diet combining mostly paleo with calorie counting. My focus is going to be on getting in high quality proteins, healthy fats, and veggies. However, I’m not putting anything on the no-no list. If I feel like having yogurt for breakfast one day, I will. If someone brings in a treat at work that looks too good to pass up, I’ll let myself have some as long as it’s within moderation, and it’s not all the time. If I find a dish that is high in veggies and protein, but also has some noodles or soy sauce in it, I’ll probably make it.

The point is, I’m going to make protein, veggies and healthy fat the priority, and work the other stuff in as I see fit without being so strict and regimented about which foods are “good” and which ones are “bad.” In order to repair my relationship with food, I need to get out of that mindset altogether. No foods are inherently good or bad. It’s just food. It’s our choices regarding food that are good or bad.

Ok, it’s confession time… In order to really start myself off on the right foot, I want to be completely honest to hold myself accountable. I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been at in my life. (Well, I did lose a little weight on my Whole21, so I’m technically 5 lbs down from the heaviest weight I’ve ever been.) Things have gotten so out of hand that I am now 115 lbs overweight. 115 lbs! That’s an entire (tiny) person!

This is a very hard thing to admit, but in order to get myself to a better place, I feel I need to be open and honest with myself and make it public. Being 115 lbs overweight is not ok! Now before I get comments about how I’m fat shaming, I’m not. I actually love myself. I think I look good despite the added weight, but because I love myself, I want to make choices that love my body. Carrying around all this extra weight makes my body work harder than it should, and it’s given me some health issues that are undeniably caused by my weight. (Hello asthma, back pain, and fatigue!) If you are overweight, confident in your body, and not having any health issues, good for you! If you are experiencing health issues, I would encourage you to take care of it, but ultimately it’s your life, and the only one who has any right to say anything about it is you. No one has the right to make comments about your life or your body unless they’re living in it.

Alright, off my soapbox now… Anyway, to have a truly healthy lifestyle, you need to not only eat well, but also be active. I think I’ve been doing pretty well with this side of things over the last several weeks.  I have been working out pretty regularly. For the last 6 weeks (aside from the week I hurt my back and was unable to work out), I’ve worked out at least 3 times a week. This is my longest streak in… I don’t even know.

I think the trick with my new motivation is twofold. The first thing is that I’ve always thought of exercise as something I had to do in order to lose weight. It was never something that I wanted to do, and I would always find excuses not to do it. But that just means that I was trying the wrong workouts.

Some people love going to the gym and spending hours on the treadmill and lifting weights. I hate it. It’s the most boring thing I could think of to do with my time. What I love though is Pilates and yoga and dancing. I also like fitness games like the Wii fit and my old Xbox Kinect games. To me, these things aren’t boring. I actually enjoy doing them, and it’s something that I even look forward to. When I was trying to force myself to go to the gym, I went for a few weeks, and then I stopped going. Now that I’m doing Pilates in the mornings, I actually want to do it.

I used to feel like I needed so much motivation to get myself moving, but now that I am back to doing something I enjoy, I’m really not worried about this side of the equation. I am going to step it up and work in more work outs, but I’m just going to keep up the workouts that I’m doing. 🙂 As with the food plan, I’m sure that as my body changes, I will need to change and make things more challenging, but for now, I’m going to stick with what I’m doing until it stops working.

So there you have it… I have a goal of losing 115 lbs in 362 days, and I am determined to make it happen! Since I did my initial weigh in on a Wednesday, I will make that my check in day. I hope you’ll keep checking in on my progress and cheering me along! 🙂

Before, never again

Here is my before. I will never look like this again!