Weeks 5 and 6 Progress

Last week I was in fabulous Las Vegas for my industry’s big expo which is why there was no progress update. I was gone Sunday-Thursday, and then I had a bad weekend, so I didn’t feel like posting a delayed update like I normally would have. My normal weigh in day is Wednesday, but I was at the expo, so I couldn’t weigh myself. I did weigh myself on Friday when I got back though, and I am a bit ashamed to admit that when I saw the number on the scale I got pretty upset, and I ended up having a bit of a “diet temper tantrum” as I’ve been calling it.

Mandalay Bay, Foundation Room, Las Vegas, NV

View from the Foundation Room at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

I’ve been feeling pretty frustrated lately with my progress. I’ve thought that I’ve been working pretty hard, but I keep seeing the same 2-3 lbs going away and coming right back. I was especially upset last week because I worked pretty hard to stay on plan while I was in Vegas-limiting my alcohol consumption and passing on the truly decadent dishes for the more healthy options. I was also walking a ton (like 3-4x what I get on a normal daily basis), and I even managed to get in a morning yoga workout every day. I could have totally gone off the deep end and indulged in all the cocktails and treats and terrible-for-you meals, but I didn’t. I was the good little dieter. I had a couple cocktails, and a treat here and there, but I managed to not totally overdo it. I tracked my calories and exercise every day, and according to my tracker, I should have had a couple pound loss because I was at about a 7,000 calorie deficit for the week. So what happened!?!

Honestly, weight loss is such a fickle, complicated, finicky jerk! You can do everything right and not see the numbers on the scale sometimes because of other factors that you may not even consider or may be completely out of your control. For instance, I have a feeling that I was retaining water when I weighed myself. I don’t think I was drinking enough water in the arid Las Vegas climate, so I’d be willing to bet that I was a bit dehydrated. Then when I got back and was downing the water, my body was probably holding onto it. That’s my hypothesis anyway, but I really have no way of testing it, so who knows?

Anyway, this “diet temper tantrum” is what I know that many others have experienced. I was frustrated with the results I’ve been seeing, so I threw up my hands and said “screw it! My weight has been staying the same no matter what I’m doing, so why not just indulge? I’m going to eat whatever I want and not bust my butt working out because what’s the point?!” So I indulged for a few days and let myself be a couch potato, but after getting some of the frustration out of my system, I woke up.

“What’s the point?” I was asking myself… The point is making healthier life choices, so I can live a longer, healthier life. Ultimately that’s why I’m doing this. Yes, I want to lose the weight because being 115 lbs overweight really isn’t healthy, but if I’m doing everything else right, and the weight wants to be a clingy little jerk, well, then it is what it is. I need to be moving everyday, and I need to be eating the right foods because ultimately that’s what’s best for my body. Yeah, it sucks when doing these things should be reducing my gravitational pull, and it isn’t, but I just need to make sure that I’m truly giving it my all and doing everything I should be doing and be confident in that.

Another reason I think I’ve been pretty frustrated is actually that I’m frustrated with myself. I’ve been lying to myself by saying that I’ve been doing everything that I should be doing. I haven’t. I haven’t been giving 100%. I’ve been giving maybe 60% and pretending it was 100%. Every time I’ve been stepping on the scale and not seeing the results that I wanted, I know that mostly I’m to blame. Don’t get me wrong-giving 60% is still challenging, and I should still be seeing a loss that I haven’t really been seeing, but I know that I could be doing more, and I probably would be seeing better results.

All that said… I do have to face reality now and realize that I am not going to get to my birthday goal. I would have to lose 2.5 lbs a week until my birthday to get there, and that’s not a realistic or healthy goal, so I will have to amend it. I’m still determined to get as close as I can, so now it’s time to really buckle down and get serious about it. No more “one-cheeking” my attempts and calling it working hard. I want to see the results, so I need to do the work. I’m really giving it my all now, but like I said earlier, I’m going to ease up on my scale frustrations. I know I’ll be doing as much as I can do, and the rest is in God’s hands.

Have you ever had a “diet temper tantrum?” How did you deal with it? How do you normally deal with it when you’re not seeing the results you feel like you should be? I’d love to know, so let me know in the comments below!

Week 6 Progress Update

Week 6 loss: 0 lbs

Total loss: 0.5 lb gain

NSV: Being honest with myself-admitting that I could be doing better.

Adjustments for next week: Focusing on making healthier choices because it’s the right thing to do and not just because it will help me see the right numbers on the scale. I will be at another conference from Tuesday-Friday of next week which will be challenging, but I will do my best to make the healthy choices. 🙂

Week 4 Progress

Today’s post will be super short because, well… this week sucked. I’m basically back to where I started 4 weeks ago. I am just finally feeling better today. My cold or whatever it was completely drained my energy and congested my lungs, so there was no working out last week at all. I also had very little energy to cook, so my meals consisted of whatever was fast and easy. Not really healthy.

Week 4 Progress Update

Week 4 loss: 1.5 lb gain

Total loss: 0 lbs

NSV: None this week

Adjustments for next week: Now that I’m finally feeling better, I’m back on plan. Goal for this week is to get one serving of fruit or veggies with every meal and 8 glasses of water every day.