Whole30 Week 5 and Recap

Daylight Saving Time is killing me this week! I was pretty set in some great healthy habits, and then the time change happened, and I can’t get out of bed in the morning at all. I go to bed at 9:30, but when 5 a.m. rolls around, my body’s like, “nope!” I really don’t think it has anything to do with reintroducing foods because when I snooze my alarm until 6 which was 5 before the change, I’m fully charged and ready to go. I think my body is just very stuck on its internal clock, and it’s going to take a while for it to switch over.

Anyway, all that said, here’s my last two days of Whole30, and my overall recap! If you want to see my previous weeks’ posts, click here for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

Day 29:

Day 29

Breakfast: Ranch chicken salad from The Pinning Mama on Romaine, strawberries (This chicken salad is phenomenal! It’s definitely in my top 5 favorite Whole30 recipes. Something in it doesn’t work well for my stomach, so I’m going to have to play around with the recipe to get it to work for me. It’s that good!)

Lunch: Paleo Cuban pork chop from Follow the Ruels, green beans, clementine

Dinner: handful of olives, Larabar, applesauce pouch

Snack: no snack

Notes: My stomach was feeling really bloated all day today, so I wasn’t very hungry when I got home. I ate a couple things just to get something in my system, but none of the things I had prepared sounded very good to me.


Day 30:

Day 30

Breakfast: Stuffed chicken breast from Popular Paleo, green beans, strawberries, V8 Spicy

Lunch: Carnitas from My Heart Beets on romaine, 2 clementines

Dinner: Smoothie

Snack: no snack

Notes: I felt great today. I was a little hungrier today than I had been previously. I had a really busy night not getting home until about 7:30, and by the time I got home, I really didn’t feel like eating anything in my fridge, so I made a smoothie. It was gross. I added some chard I had in my freezer, and that was all you could taste, so it was really bitter. It was also really thick and kind of warm, so I threw about half of it out.


Week 5 recap:

The last couple days were great! I was feeling so good that I didn’t know if I wanted to even reintroduce anything; however, during my first Whole30, I caved and got a pizza on day 31, so I didn’t figure out how different foods affected my body. I was worried that this time around I’d try and stick to Whole30 for as long as I could until one day I’d cave and have something that was off plan, so I decided to do the reintroduction and go from there. If I want to go back to relaxed Whole30 after the reintro, then I will.

I’m still playing around with ideas of what I want to do come Monday when the reintro is over, and so is my Whole30, so we’ll see what I decide to do. I did order some meal replacement shake powder to see how I like that. If you’ve noticed, I have a hard time getting myself to eat on weeknights and weekend days. I had done some research into intermittent fasting because I’ve heard great things about it, and I thought it could work well for me to just make dinner time my fasting time; however, after digging in a little more, it seems that IF isn’t good for women because it can cause hormone interruption which has a whole slew of nasty side effects including gaining weight! I ordered the shake powders to make sure I at least get a little something in my system on nights and days when I find it hard to make myself eat.


Whole30 Recap:

I will write up my tips and tricks for a successful Whole30 in my next post, but I just wanted to share some of my stats and my overall thoughts on how this round went.

First of all, I think this round was amazing! I definitely feel like I did things right this go around because I wasn’t tempted to cheat at all. I had a few cravings here and there, some of which were pretty intense at times, but I never once thought about caving in to them. My sugar cravings went away after the first couple weeks, and sticking to plan actually felt, dare I say it… easy… We planned everything out ahead of time and picked a variety of delicious meals, so I think that was a huge help.

The first and most noticeable benefit I gained from my 30 days were huge amounts of energy! I got pretty tired in the first week, but after that, I felt like my system normalized, my blood sugar evened out, and I could get out of bed fairly easily in the morning, and I had sustained energy throughout the day. It was fabulous!

Second, my motivation in other areas of my life skyrocketed. I am currently on a 5 week streak of working out every day, and I have kept my house clean for several weeks now. I think this benefit came about because of a mixture of the sustained energy and the discipline I’ve had to exercise with my food choices. Whatever it is, I’m loving it! I’m getting so much done, and I feel so good!

Third, my mood has pretty much stabilized. I don’t feel like a crazy person who just cries at the drop of a hat anymore. I am almost always in a good mood, and the stressors in my life don’t bother me as much as they used to. This mood stabilization even lasted during my time of the month when I normally get really irritable and weepy over everything.

And last, but not least… the physical changes have been awesome! I lost 15 lbs! I can definitely tell that I’ve lost weight because my clothes are fitting a lot more loosely than they were previously. I just took a pair of jeans out of the dryer this morning, and they were loose on me… straight from the dryer! I kept having to yank them up all day. It was great. 🙂 I lost a total of 7″ off my body. That doesn’t seem like much to me, but I can definitely feel it, so maybe I’m losing it from areas where I didn’t measure. Who knows? I feel good, and, honestly, that’s all that really matters!

I wish I had some before and afters to include in here, but I haven’t had a chance to get any afters yet with my schedule being so messed up the last week. I hope to get some tomorrow, and I’ll throw them in my next post. 🙂

Whole30 Week 4

Today is day 33 of my Whole30, so I’m 3 days into my reintroduction. I’ll write more about the last 2 days and my overall thoughts in my next post, but I am excited to say that I lost 15 lbs! I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so far, and I can’t wait to keep it going. 🙂 If you want to read my previous weeks’ recaps, check out week 1, week 2 and week 3.

Day 22:

Day 22

Breakfast: shepherd’s pie, salad with Tessemae’s caesar dressing, V8 spicy hot

Lunch: Shrimp cocktail from Whole Sisters, broccoli and cauliflower, clementine

Dinner: Italian meatballs from Noshtastic, banana, orange vanilla seltzer

Snack: no snack

Notes: I had pretty good energy all day. I woke up right away with my alarm which is awesome for a Monday.


Day 23:

Day 23

Breakfast: Italian meatballs, BuddyFruit tropical pouch, V8 Spicy Hot

Lunch: Lemon  rosemary chicken from Laughing Spatula, roast potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli

Dinner: Shepherd’s pie, orange vanilla seltzer

Snack: no snack

Notes: I woke up right away today even though I didn’t get great sleep last night. I fell asleep on the couch watching TV, so I had to get up and go to bed. It was around midnight when I finally made it to my bed.


Day 24:

Day 24

Breakfast: Shepherd’s pie (my boyfriend made this without a recipe, and it was delicious!), apple

Lunch: Italian meatballs, broccoli, clementine

Dinner: Apple banana fruit pouch, handful of kalamata olives

Snack: no snack

Notes: I have been loving starting my day with a workout (who’d have thought those words would ever come from me!?) because it’s better than coffee at waking me up in the morning. My appetite has been coming back pretty strong the last few days. It could be because of a couple reasons. 1) I ran out of olive oil. I had been putting that on my veggies for breakfast and lunch to make sure I got enough healthy fat in. The decrease in fat could have decreased my long term satiety. 2) I’ve been working out a lot more and a lot harder. My appetite always increases when I work out more. Yesterday I had a bit of stomach issues in the afternoon. I’m not sure what caused it. I was getting heartburn shortly after finishing my meatballs, and then it moved down into my stomach.


Day 25:

Day 25

Breakfast: V8 spicy hot, shrimp cocktail, veggie blend, clementine

Lunch: shepherd’s pie, romaine salad

Dinner: Smoothie

Snack: handful of black olives

Notes: I rocked my workouts this morning. I got up right away at 5:15 and did my 30 day Pilates challenge and then got ready and went to work. At work I did my 10 minute tabata workout followed by 20 minutes of Winsor Pilates. 🙂 I’m feeling good this morning!


Day 26:

Day 26

Breakfast: Lemon Chicken, veggies

Lunch: V8, clementine

Dinner: Tilapia, smashed red potatoes

Snack: no snack

Notes: I ate my breakfast really late today, so I wasn’t hungry around my usual lunch time. I had a V8 and a clementine.


Day 27:

Day 27

Breakfast: No breakfast

Lunch: No lunch

Dinner: Chipotle Salad with Carnitas, pico, guac, and salsa verde

Snack: no snack

Notes: I was busy again today, so I didn’t stop to eat until dinner time


Day 28:

Breakfast: No breakfast

Lunch: No lunch

Dinner: Damn Fine Chicken

Snack: No snack

Notes: I was busy again today, so I didn’t stop to eat until dinner time


Week 4 Recap:

This week went really well! Aside from a couple stomach issues, the cause of which I am unsure, I had great energy all week, my mood was amazing, my motivation was sky high… I was definitely feeling the tiger blood once again! This week my thoughts were centered around day 31 and how I was going to handle it. I have only been in the reintro portion for a few days, and I am unsure of how things are going to go long term. I really want to keep up the amazing feelings and progress I’ve made over the last several weeks, but I know that full out Whole30 is just not sustainable for me long term. I’m just really going to have to teach myself some balance between strict clean Paleo and being able to indulge once in a while.

If you’ve done a Whole30 in the past, I’d love to hear how you did/are doing in life after Whole30. Please let me know in the comments!

Whole30 Week 3

Today marks day 27 of my Whole30. I’m almost there! If you missed my recaps of the first 2 weeks, you can check them out here and here. I can’t believe it’s almost done! I’m contemplating what I’m going to do once the official 30 days are up. I’m feeling so good on the Whole30 that I don’t want to go back to the way I had been eating previously, but I just don’t think I can be so strict 100% of the time. I’m thinking I’ll do the reintro that they suggest on the Whole30 website, and then once I figure out what foods work well with my system and those that don’t, I’m going to go back to a relaxed Whole30 and add in the foods that are ok for me on occasion. I’ve got a few other ideas I’ve been toying with though, so we’ll see how it goes. Only 3 more days!

Anyway, here’s my recap of week 3…

Day 15:

Day 15

Breakfast: Italian Beef from Slender Kitchen, frozen veggies with olive oil and Mrs. Dash, clementine, V8 Spicy Hot

Lunch: Chocolate chili from Mel Joulwan, salad, clementine, Cranberry Lime Seltzer

Dinner: 5 spice slow cooker pork ribs from Mel Joulwan, green beans with olive oil and Mrs. Dash

Snack: Banana applesauce pouch

Notes: My energy was pretty good today, but I did have a bit of some stomach upset in the afternoon. I didn’t want to eat dinner, but I made myself, and I felt a lot better after eating.


Day 16:

Day 16

Breakfast: Chocolate Chili, salad, apple

Lunch: 5 spice ribs, green beans with olive oil and Mrs. Dash, clementine

Dinner: Paleo chicken and dumpling soup (minus the dumplings) from A Healthy Life for Me, coconut water with pineapple

Snack: no snack

Notes: My sleep has been great lately. I fell asleep right away last night and didn’t wake up at all during the night. I have been having a lot of cravings lately, but they only last for a little bit. It’s usually when I see something that my mouth starts to water, and I really want it or something similar, but I haven’t had too many cravings where they just came up from nowhere.


Day 17:

Day 17

Breakfast: Coconut water with pineapple, chicken soup

Lunch: Italian Beef, Romaine salad, apple

Dinner: Banana Bread Larabar

Snack: no snack

Notes: I had a pretty busy night tonight, so I didn’t feel like cooking anything. I also wasn’t very hungry, so I just grabbed one of my Larabars out of my emergency stash for dinner.


Day 18:

Day 18

Breakfast: Italian beef, clementine, romaine salad, coconut water

Lunch: 5 spice ribs, green beans

Dinner: Eggs, roasted potatoes

Snack: no snack

Notes: This morning I woke up right away with my alarm. I did some foam rolling before my coworker got to work to join me for our morning workout, and it felt amazing! I mean it hurt like hell while I was doing it, but my muscles felt pretty loose for the first time in a couple weeks. As soon as I was done with our workout, they felt like they had seized back up, but for about a half hour, I felt good. 🙂


Day 19:

Day 19

Breakfast: Italian Beef, chopped broccoli, clementine, V8 spicy hot

Lunch: Chocolate chili

Dinner: Eggs, chicken apple sausage

Snack: no snack

Notes: I woke up pretty easily this morning. I felt good all day. I got in a good foam roller workout that felt amazing. It was painful at the time, but my muscles felt so much better after.


Day 20:

Breakfast: coconut water

Lunch: no lunch

Dinner: Steak, baked sweet potato with ghee, grapefruit Izze

Snack: no snack

Notes: Busy day again, so I really didn’t eat breakfast or lunch. We had a date night, so we grabbed some takeout (we were supposed to actually eat at the restaurant, but the wait would have been way too long, and we had to catch a movie.)


Day 21:

Breakfast: coconut water

Lunch: blood orange

Dinner: a slice of carne asada, plantain chips, nibbles of the food we were cooking

Snack: no snack

Notes: Another busy day, so I didn’t eat much. The meat we made for dinner didn’t smell right, so we tossed it, and I didn’t feel like making anything else.


Week 3 Recap:

Week 3 has been great. I’m not really feeling any of the negative effects of the first couple weeks. I can tell I’ve lost some weight, and I’m definitely feeling the tiger blood! I have so much energy during the day, I can get through my workouts without a problem and am even starting to look forward to getting them done in the morning to get my day going. I’ve had a few stomach issues here and there, but I think that I’ve really confirmed that eggs do not work for me. I know I’ve written about them being something I shouldn’t eat in the past, but I had been eating them on occasion without any ill effects. This week I had some, and I had the worst stomach cramps a couple hours after eating them. It makes me pretty sad, but I know that I can still eat them occasionally if I want to if I’m willing to deal with the consequences.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Again, if you’re on a Whole30 journey, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below! And if you’re interested in starting the program, you can read all about it on their website or get the book here!


(Full disclosure: I use affiliate links on my site, so if you buy through my link, I get a little kickback. Thanks!)

Whole30 Week 2

I mentioned in my last couple posts that I’ve been doing a Whole30. (Today is day 24! Woot woot!) You can read all about my first week’s experience here, but today is all about week 2! I didn’t have as many pictures this time because I did skip a few meals, and I just didn’t take pictures of some. I don’t have any pictures from the weekend, so I’m not really sure what happened there. I’m sure I was just so busy that I didn’t even think about it at the time. So let’s get into it…

Day 8:

Day 8

Breakfast: Leftover Stew, salad with olive oil and vinegar, 2 clementines, handful of raspberries, cranberry lime seltzer, V8 Spicy Hot

Lunch: Crispy chicken thighs, roasted broccoli and cauliflower (the broccoli and cauliflower were really stinky, so I ate them in the lunch room instead of at my desk, and I didn’t bring my phone with me.)

Dinner: Smoked Salmon Frittata from The Whole Smiths (I was skeptical, but this is surprisingly delicious. The recipe calls for cooking fresh salmon, but we used hot smoked salmon, and it was ah-mazing!), applesauce, white grape cherry juice

Snacks: Banana with almond butter

Notes: I had a hard time getting up this morning because the weekends always mess up my sleep schedule, but I did have pretty good energy once I was up and out of bed. I’m definitely starting to see some of the benefits of the Whole30-for instance, my appetite is shrinking. I could not finish my breakfast! I ate everything but the clementines. I was pretty tired by the time I got home, and I think it was because I wasn’t eating enough. My appetite has gone down so much that it’s hard to get enough food in. When it’s time to eat, I’m just not hungry.


Day 9:

Day 9

Breakfast: Roast chicken, roast vegetables, clementine, cranberry lime seltzer, V8 Spicy Hot, black coffee

Lunch: No lunch

Dinner: Smoked Salmon Frittata, white grape cherry juice

Snacks: No Snacks

Notes: I went to bed too late last night, and then I had a bit of a stomach ache shortly after I went to bed which kept me up even later, so I had a hard time getting up again today. My appetite is still pretty low. I got a terrible migraine right around lunch time. I have been getting them pretty frequently, and I was concerned, so I went to the doctor. They sent me for a CT scan which came back negative, so thankfully they’re just migraines. Now to just figure out why I keep getting them. My anxiety seems to have gone down. I normally would have been really freaked out about this, but I was mostly calm.


Day 10:

Day 10

Breakfast: Fajita chicken on romaine, banana, V8 Spicy Hot, Cranberry Lime Seltzer

Lunch: Chicken Tortilla-Less soup from The Whole Smiths (this was pretty good. It could have used a little more spice though.), handful of raspberries, romaine salad

Dinner: No dinner-busy night

Snacks: No snacks

Notes: I actually got to bed at a decent time last night. I was in bed by 8:30 and read until 9:30 when I fell asleep. I still had a bit of a hard time waking up this morning though. No workout this morning because I’m making up time from leaving early yesterday. I had a therapeutic massage tonight, and it was painful! I was near tears a few times, but I can tell she really worked out some of my knots. I was in bed by 8:15 and sleeping by 9:15. 🙂


Day 11:

Day 11

Breakfast: Chicken Tortilla-Less soup, clementine, romaine salad, V8 Spicy Hot

Lunch: Roast Chicken, Roast vegetables, green beans, handful of raspberries

Dinner: Meatloaf, white grape cherry juice

Snacks: No snacks

Notes: Woke up right away with my alarm this morning feeling rested. I’m very sore today from my massage last night. My right shoulder feels really good though. Not as tight and sore as it usually is. I was a little worked up last night before bed, so I didn’t get to sleep right away. When I did fall asleep, I had pretty restless sleep-a lot of weird dreams…


Day 12:

Day 12

Breakfast: Meatloaf from The Whole Smiths (this was really good! You can’t even tell it’s Whole30. I scraped some of the tomato sauce off though because it was a bit much.), green beans, clementine, handful of raspberries

Lunch: Roast Chicken, Roast vegetables, romaine salad, V8 Spicy Hot

Dinner: Steak with roasted garlic aioli from Eating Well (this was soooooo good! I will definitely be making it again. We made our own mayo to make it Whole30.), garlic roasted asparagus, smashed red potatoes with ghee, Izze grapefruit

Snacks: handful of grapes and blueberries, Larabar and Buddyfruit Tropical Coconut Milk Pouch

Notes: Didn’t sleep very well last night, so I had a hard time waking up. I do have quite a bit of energy today though. I can tell that I am losing weight because my clothes feel like they are getting loose. I am really having a hard time with my appetite lately though. I don’t want to eat much, so I find myself making myself eat. This could be because my meals have been so meat heavy. I’ve never been a huge meat eater, so making myself eat it has been challenging. I had 2 snacks today. The first one I had because it was there, and the fruit looked really good. The second one I had because we didn’t eat until really late, and we had gone to the grocery store to get the stuff for our dinner. I was hungry and the Larabar and Buddyfruit pouch looked really good. 🙂


Day 13:

Breakfast: Smoked Salmon Frittata

Lunch: Eggs

Dinner: No dinner

Snacks: Plantain chips and half a Nantucket Pineapple, Banana, Orange

Notes: Today was pretty non-eventful but busy, so I was distracted for most of the day. We had to go to the grocery store, and it ended up being later than we would have liked which is why there was no dinner. The plantain chips and Nantucket juice were pretty much dinner. I know it’s not the best Whole30 foods, but it was there, and I just needed something quick and easy.


Day 14:

Breakfast: Half of a Nantucket Pineapple, Orange, Banana

Lunch: no lunch

Dinner: meatloaf, broccoli, grapefruit Izze

Snacks: No snack

Notes: I was really bad about making sure to eat again today. It was a pretty busy day. I woke up late, had a little juice, woke up the bf, and then we got right into meal prep for the week. I picked a little here and there while we were cooking, but I didn’t eat anything substantial until dinner time. I am a little worried that if I keep eating so little, I’m going to make my metabolism slow to a crawl, and I won’t lose any weight. I think I need to make myself eat by a certain time for every meal regardless of whether or not I’m hungry.


Week 2 Recap:

This week was definitely easier than the previous week. It was nice to have my meals already prepped and ready to go. That way I could just go to the fridge and heat something up instead of having to worry about coming home and spending an hour cooking something before I can eat. I have been noticing some positive changes as well. As I mentioned above, my appetite has gone down significantly. Before Whole30, I would eat and eat and eat, and I never really felt full, but now, I get halfway done with a meal, and I’m satisfied. I’ve also noticed some increased performance in my workouts, increased energy, and I can tell that I’ve lost some weight already because my clothes are starting to fit differently.

I have had a few cravings, but they haven’t been terrible at all. It’s mostly when I see something my mouth waters, but as soon as it’s no longer in eyesight, I can forget about it pretty quickly.


If you’re doing a Whole30 yourself, I’d love to hear about your progress in the comments below!