My big goal is to get to my goal weight by my 30th birthday. That is losing 115 lbs by December 9, 2016. In order to stay motivated though, I am setting smaller goals for along the way with a small reward for each goal.

Scale Goals:

  • 10 lbs lost-Book
  • 20 lbs lost-Pedicure
  • 3o lbs lost-30 min relaxation massage
  • 40 lbs lost-Nice pair of shoes
  • 50 lbs lost-day trip
  • 60 lbs lost-60 min relaxation massage
  • 70 lbs lost-Tickets for a show at PAC
  • 80 lbs lost-Personal trainer
  • 90 lbs lost-Hot stone massage
  • 100 lbs lost-Coach bag
  • 110 lbs lost-Weekend away
  • GOAL!-Surprise reward + new wardrobe!
  • Special goal-once I get under 200 lbs, I am going to start running again. I’ve always wanted a GPS watch, so once I get under 200 lbs, I’m splurging on one.

Non-Scale Goals: (These are repeating. Every time I hit the goal, I get the reward.)

  • Down a clothing size-New outfit
  • Whole month without missing a workout-New piece of fitness apparel
  • Tracking food every day for a month-New kitchen item or cook book