Whole30 Week 4

Today is day 33 of my Whole30, so I’m 3 days into my reintroduction. I’ll write more about the last 2 days and my overall thoughts in my next post, but I am excited to say that I lost 15 lbs! I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so far, and I can’t wait to keep it going. 🙂 If you want to read my previous weeks’ recaps, check out week 1, week 2 and week 3.

Day 22:

Day 22

Breakfast: shepherd’s pie, salad with Tessemae’s caesar dressing, V8 spicy hot

Lunch: Shrimp cocktail from Whole Sisters, broccoli and cauliflower, clementine

Dinner: Italian meatballs from Noshtastic, banana, orange vanilla seltzer

Snack: no snack

Notes: I had pretty good energy all day. I woke up right away with my alarm which is awesome for a Monday.


Day 23:

Day 23

Breakfast: Italian meatballs, BuddyFruit tropical pouch, V8 Spicy Hot

Lunch: Lemon  rosemary chicken from Laughing Spatula, roast potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli

Dinner: Shepherd’s pie, orange vanilla seltzer

Snack: no snack

Notes: I woke up right away today even though I didn’t get great sleep last night. I fell asleep on the couch watching TV, so I had to get up and go to bed. It was around midnight when I finally made it to my bed.


Day 24:

Day 24

Breakfast: Shepherd’s pie (my boyfriend made this without a recipe, and it was delicious!), apple

Lunch: Italian meatballs, broccoli, clementine

Dinner: Apple banana fruit pouch, handful of kalamata olives

Snack: no snack

Notes: I have been loving starting my day with a workout (who’d have thought those words would ever come from me!?) because it’s better than coffee at waking me up in the morning. My appetite has been coming back pretty strong the last few days. It could be because of a couple reasons. 1) I ran out of olive oil. I had been putting that on my veggies for breakfast and lunch to make sure I got enough healthy fat in. The decrease in fat could have decreased my long term satiety. 2) I’ve been working out a lot more and a lot harder. My appetite always increases when I work out more. Yesterday I had a bit of stomach issues in the afternoon. I’m not sure what caused it. I was getting heartburn shortly after finishing my meatballs, and then it moved down into my stomach.


Day 25:

Day 25

Breakfast: V8 spicy hot, shrimp cocktail, veggie blend, clementine

Lunch: shepherd’s pie, romaine salad

Dinner: Smoothie

Snack: handful of black olives

Notes: I rocked my workouts this morning. I got up right away at 5:15 and did my 30 day Pilates challenge and then got ready and went to work. At work I did my 10 minute tabata workout followed by 20 minutes of Winsor Pilates. 🙂 I’m feeling good this morning!


Day 26:

Day 26

Breakfast: Lemon Chicken, veggies

Lunch: V8, clementine

Dinner: Tilapia, smashed red potatoes

Snack: no snack

Notes: I ate my breakfast really late today, so I wasn’t hungry around my usual lunch time. I had a V8 and a clementine.


Day 27:

Day 27

Breakfast: No breakfast

Lunch: No lunch

Dinner: Chipotle Salad with Carnitas, pico, guac, and salsa verde

Snack: no snack

Notes: I was busy again today, so I didn’t stop to eat until dinner time


Day 28:

Breakfast: No breakfast

Lunch: No lunch

Dinner: Damn Fine Chicken

Snack: No snack

Notes: I was busy again today, so I didn’t stop to eat until dinner time


Week 4 Recap:

This week went really well! Aside from a couple stomach issues, the cause of which I am unsure, I had great energy all week, my mood was amazing, my motivation was sky high… I was definitely feeling the tiger blood once again! This week my thoughts were centered around day 31 and how I was going to handle it. I have only been in the reintro portion for a few days, and I am unsure of how things are going to go long term. I really want to keep up the amazing feelings and progress I’ve made over the last several weeks, but I know that full out Whole30 is just not sustainable for me long term. I’m just really going to have to teach myself some balance between strict clean Paleo and being able to indulge once in a while.

If you’ve done a Whole30 in the past, I’d love to hear how you did/are doing in life after Whole30. Please let me know in the comments!


Whole30 Day 1… Take 3

Hey there, I know it’s been a reaaaaally long time since my last post-about 4 1/2 months, but who’s counting? 😉 Well, all I can really say is life got crazy, I got lazy, and I felt like I was spiraling out of control. I know in my last post I mentioned I was going to turn things around, and I did… for about a week. Then I was right back into my old habits. It’s really hard for me to admit, but right now I’m 10 lbs heavier than my previous heaviest weight-a weight I swore I would never get back to. Well, obviously, I did. And then some.

Now here’s where I could beat myself up, tell myself how much of a loser I am for getting back here, but what’s the point in that? I screwed up. I made a long series of mistakes. Am I happy about where I am right now? Absolutely not! But what is it going to accomplish if I dwell on my failure? Absolutely nothing! It took me a while, but I’m finally to that point where I’ve had enough. None of my clothes fit me anymore, I’m tired all the time, I feel like crap, and frankly I’m just really unhappy.

A couple months ago, I signed up for Weight Watchers again, and I lost about 5 lbs on it in the first 2 weeks. I was really excited about my progress, but then I fell off the wagon, and gained it right back. I tried really hard to reign myself in, but I have a sugar demon raging inside me, and I found it really hard to keep within my daily points allotment when I was allowing myself to continue to have treats. Even if I planned ahead and counted the points, I would always go overboard. So I finally made the decision that I needed to do another Whole30+ to get rid of my cravings.

That brings me to this weekend. I decided I was going to do a November Whole30 and start it right away on November 1. Well… we ended up not going to the grocery store, so I didn’t have any Whole30 foods for day 1. I wasn’t really too worried about it though because I figured I’d just start the next day. I didn’t really have my plan in place anyway, so day 1 would really have just been winging it. Anyway, on Sunday, I sat down and got my meal plan together and went grocery shopping, so I was all set for the week ahead.

Then yesterday, I had a really off morning. I didn’t sleep very well the previous night, so I slept in a little, and my whole morning routine got thrown off. I had a meal in my crockpot in the fridge just waiting to go into the base and cook away for my delicious dinner that evening, and of course… I forgot it in the fridge! Luckily, my sister was still home, so I called her, and she was able to get it going for me. After hanging up with her, I remembered another thing I had forgotten that morning… my breakfast and lunch for the day! I tried rolling with it at first and got some eggs from the caterer for breakfast, and I was planning on getting a salad with some grilled chicken from somewhere for lunch, but 2 eggs was not enough of a meal, and I was starving by 10:30. I didn’t think I’d make it until lunch, and by that point, I was not making good choices, so I went to the vending machine and got a Pop-Tart.

I was a little upset with myself that I couldn’t even make it the first day, but, honestly, I got over it pretty quickly. I was already having a bad morning, so I tried not to beat myself up too much. Luckily it was only day 1, and I had already delayed my start date, so one more day was not the end of the world.

That brings me to today, and I am happy to say that I have successfully made it through Whole30 day 1! However, if today is any indication of how the rest of it is going to go, it is going to be very challenging… I had been in such a junk food rut for so long that I am having some serious cravings. Visions of cookies and cupcakes were dancing through my head all day, and I could have killed for a diet Pepsi! I just need to remind myself though that these are only temporary. They are going to get much worse before they get better, and I just need to get through them.

So here’s what I ate for day 1…

  • Breakfast-Slow Cooker Cherry Apple Pork Loin from Once a Month Meals and a big bowl of frozen veggies with a little olive oil and some Mrs. Dash
  • Lunch-A can of tuna in olive oil, drained, on a bed of romaine, drizzled with olive oil and vinegar and a bit of Mrs. Dash and a honeycrisp apple (the apple was on the side-not part of the salad… That would be gross. 😉 )
  • Dinner-Stuffed Acorn Squash from Once a Month Meals. The squash took longer than anticipated to cook, so I’m satisfying my hunger with a handful of kalamata olives while I wait. 🙂

Finally, as any good fitness/health buff will tell you, nutrition is only one piece of the puzzle, so I’ve also been getting my butt in gear with morning workouts. A friend and I have been doing workout videos together in the mornings at work. This week we started the Blogilates beginner’s calendar. Our plan is to do a modified version of the calendar since I don’t have a good place to do the workouts on the weekends. We were supposed to start on Monday with day 1, but my workout buddy has been sick, and I had such an off morning, we decided to start today instead. She ended up being sick again, but I made myself go in and work out anyway, and man did I forget how challenging even her beginner workouts are! I have to stop halfway through all of the exercises to take a rest! It makes me feel even more out of shape than I am, but I guess the bright side of it is that I will get stronger, and the workouts will feel a lot easier. That’s what I’m hoping anyway!

I feel like a broken record sometimes. I know that I have tried numerous times to get myself back into gear. I’ve had one successful Whole30 and numerous failed ones. I’ve failed at diet after diet and exercise regimen after exercise regimen, but this time it’s different. I can feel that it’s different. I felt the snap inside me that said “enough!” Instead of going into this half-heartedly and hoping for the best, I made a concrete plan. I have goals in place, and all my stats are prominently displayed, along with my current “before” photos, on my wall where I will see them multiple times a day and be reminded of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. This time, I know I will make some big changes that are going to last.

2 Weeks of Lazy

My days seem to be getting away from me lately. It has happened on more than one occasion where I’ll be talking about something that happened “just the other day” only to realize it was actually a couple months ago. I don’t know what it is… Maybe because nothing really exciting or out of the ordinary has been happening lately? Who knows… Anyway, I kept thinking it had only been a couple days since my last post, but when I logged in this morning, I realized it has actually been 2 weeks! How did that happen?!

For some reason for the last couple weeks, I have been feeling super lazy. Every day when I came home from work, I had a list of things I wanted to get done, but it was like I’d step foot in the door, and all my ambition would go away. I felt tired and bored, so I’d scrape something together for dinner, and then plop down on the couch for some TV and internet surfing. It’s been kind of frustrating because the Whole30 is supposed to be giving me boundless energy, isn’t it?

I’m guessing it’s probably something to do with laziness begets laziness. I allowed myself a couple days to just relax and do nothing because I was feeling exhausted, and then that became my routine. I was ok with it at first, but after a while, it felt like something I really didn’t want but couldn’t help. After almost 2 weeks, I finally told myself that enough was enough, and I made a goal of accomplishing only one thing on my to do list, and that was enough to get me back into gear. My one thing ended up being two things, and then the following night, I accomplished a few more things. Friday night was laundry night, so I did all of that and came home and put it all away instead of leaving it in the basket. Then yesterday morning before I left, I cleaned my house and finally put away all my Christmas decorations. I feel so much better now that I’ve actually accomplished something instead of wasting my time. Hopefully I’ll keep up the momentum!

Since I was feeling so lazy lately, I didn’t keep up with my moving at least 10 minutes a day goal. I haven’t really done any intentional exercise since Monday two weeks ago. I’m going to have to restart the Blogilates beginner calendar. That’s ok though. I realize that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I’m not a failure for not doing 10 minutes a day. I’m just going to pick it right back up and move on.

I have been keeping up with eating Whole30 though! I’m on day 25 and still going strong! I’ve had a couple moments where I ate something and then realized there was added sugar in it, but I decided in both of those instances that I wasn’t going to start over. It was an honest mistake, and I’m over my sugar cravings, so the tiny amount I had didn’t send me to the nearest candy aisle. If it was something else that could be an irritant, I might consider it, but because it was just sugar, I don’t think it really matters. If it happened earlier in my Whole30 when I was still beating my sugar dragon into remission, that might be another story… I just read a post on the Whole30 site that talked about starting over, and I think that for me not starting over is the right decision.

Other than my laziness, I’ve been feeling pretty great! I can tell I’m not losing weight as quickly as I did on my first Whole30, and that’s kind of frustrating, but I have still lost quite a bit already. I am sure it’s due to the fact that I have been eating way more fruit than I did last time. That’s going to be a new goal for me going forward… well it is more like a new conviction to a goal I already set for myself. I’m going to only eat one serving of fruit a day and make sure I eat at least two servings of vegetables with every meal, one of which will be green.

On an unrelated note… I’ve been getting the urge again lately to go through and get rid of a ton of stuff. I did that last summer, and it felt awesome. I was really good at not bringing anything new into the house for a while, but then the junk started to creep its way back in. After I cleaned yesterday morning, I felt kind of frustrated because, while it looked better than it did before I started, it still didn’t look truly clean because of all the clutter. I think I might make that a project. Every night I’m going to go through one room and get rid of everything I don’t truly need.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the last couple weeks… nothing too exciting. Anyone else feeling lazy lately? How do you kick yourself out of a lazy slump?

My Not So Healthy Holidays

First off, I didn’t realize how long it had been since my last post until I opened up the site to add this one. Holy cow! I really need to get better about writing. Obviously since you’re reading this, I have a few readers, but even if no one read my posts, I’d still write them. I find writing cathartic. It helps me put down my thoughts about the day or life in general sometimes, so I am going to make it a priority to write more often.

So why have I been MIA for the last two weeks? Because I’ve been making bad choices, and I didn’t feel like admitting it. 🙂 As I’ve said in previous posts, I have found a new sense of freedom in that I don’t feel guilty about my choices anymore because they are the choices I’ve made, and the only thing I can do with them is live with the consequences and hopefully learn from them. Lately though, I have been making choices without much thought to the consequences beforehand and not learning from them after.

Last week was my birthday, so I let myself indulge. I had three separate birthday dinners, and let’s be honest here… I’m not choosing baked chicken breast and steamed broccoli for my birthday celebration. For dinner #1, my parents took me to a delicious Italian restaurant where I had an individual Sicilian thin crust pizza. We also ordered some bruschetta to start and some tiramisu for dessert, and really, you can’t have a birthday dinner without a cocktail…

For dinner #2, the bf came down after work and took me out to a wine bar where I had a glass of wine, some pulled pork nachos for a starter, and an individual cheese thin crust pizza. We then went out to one of my favorite things to do around Christmas-The Nutcracker in the Castle. It’s at a local art museum in a really old mansion. They have it all decorated for Christmas, and each room has different themes that coordinate with the Nutcracker story. It’s absolutely beautiful. Last year they added the Sugar Plum Fairy’s Cupcake Shop with cupcakes from an amazing local bakery, so of course we had to stop there for some cupcakes and hot cocoa. 😉

Nutcracker in the Castle

Pic’s a little blurry due to low light, but just one of the many rooms beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Dinner #3 was my family get together with my parents, siblings, and the bf. We went out for burgers at Red Robin, and my dad bought a round of drinks for everyone while we waited for our table. I had a barbecue bacon cheeseburger and fries, and I split a gingerbread shake with my sister. Then we went bowling, and I brought some jumbo cupcakes from the grocery store along and had a beer while we bowled. It was a really fun night! I don’t regret my choices, but looking back on it, I could have easily made a couple tweaks and still splurged but in a slightly more healthy way.

It’s also that time of year that anyone who works in an office and is trying to maintain a somewhat healthy life most likely loathes… Holiday vendor treat time (or I suppose just holiday treat time in general)… When the treats started to trickle in, I did a great job picking only the things I really wanted the most and enjoying them sparingly, but then they started pouring in, and there is such a plethora of goodies to choose from that I find myself saying that they’re all worth it, and of course I have to try a little bit of everything!

Holiday Vendor Treats

The reason for my holiday gain…

At the end of every night for the last week, I’ve gone home feeling bloated and crummy resolving that tomorrow I’m not going to have any more treats. They’re not as good as they were at first, and they make me feel awful (physically not psychologically). Then every morning I pack my healthy lunch and vow to stay away from the snacks for the day only to cave the second I see someone walk past my desk with some new delight. This happens quite a bit because I sit at the very end of my aisle, and the food sits behind me.

Once I start, honestly there’s no stopping me. My sugar dragon is back with a vengeance, and all the chocolaty, sugar-laden treats are no match for it. Then, because I’ve been eating crap all day long, my healthy lunch seems really unappealing, and I go out and spend money I really don’t have on more crap that is really not benefiting my body in any way.

Since there is still so much holiday celebrating to do, I’ve decided I’m not going to fight the treats for now. I’m going to cut back on the amount that I consume, but I find that telling myself no just leads me to think about it even more. On the first of the year, I plan to start on day 1 of a Whole60. This isn’t a new year’s resolution because I hate those, but I think January 1 is a nice day to just start fresh. Plus, I know there are a few other people doing a January Whole30, so I’ll have a little bit more support. 🙂

How have you been holding up through the holidays? What are some ways you prevent yourself from overindulging?

Going Strong

Life has been pretty calm and uneventful the last few days, so I just haven’t had much to write about. I mentioned in previous posts that I just finished my first Diet Bet, and guess what… I was a winner! 🙂 That was pretty exciting. I was super nervous for the weigh in because I knew it was going to be pretty close, but I was actually 1 lb under my goal! The buy in was $30, and I won $51 and some change, so I made a profit of $21. I think I’m going to spend that on some new clothes for myself. 😉

I had an excellent Thanksgiving, and I hope you did as well! My family and my bf met for the first time, and things went really well, so that was really exciting. We found out that my mom’s cancer is in remission, so that was definitely something to be thankful for! I also stuck to my plan as far as the feasting. I stayed Whole30 compliant and only ate until I was satisfied. It was great not walking around feeling uncomfortably full all day. I loaded up with my healthy veggie sides and had a little bit of ham and turkey. I completely forgot to take a picture of it, but it was delicious and filling. I really didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. The stuffing and rolls were calling my name, but I knew it wasn’t going to be worth breaking my streak to have them. There will always be Stovetop and heat and serve rolls.

My second Whole30 has been going along swimmingly. I did cave a little bit this past weekend and had a small handful of glazed nuts. I was super hungry and didn’t really have much else to eat, so I made the conscious decision to have some, and I don’t feel guilty about it. It was just food, and I did really think about it before I had some. The only unhealthy ingredient was sugar, and as I’ve said in previous posts that I haven’t been super strict with myself on the sugar this go around because I don’t feel like I’m going to go on a sugar binge anymore by just having a little taste. I feel much more in control.

An article was just posted by Whole30 on Facebook about how one of the biggest things people gain from Whole30 is food freedom. This is definitely true for me. For years I struggled with the pattern of cutting out “bad foods” completely from my diet and trying to “be good” by not eating them. Inevitably a craving I just couldn’t resist would pop up, and I’d cave. I’d then feel really guilty about it and say, “Well, I’ve already blown it. I might as well just keep eating junk!”

I’m now working with the mindset that food in itself is neither bad nor good. All foods are just food. It’s certainly true that some foods are less healthy than others and can have negative consequences on the body, but with the right mindset, even these foods can be ok every now and then. I feel the freedom to think about a certain food that may not be the healthiest and consider whether eating that food is worth it or not. Sometimes it is (gooey chocolate caramel cake!), and sometimes it isn’t (cheap chocolate), but it is my decision to make. If I really think about my decision and come to the conclusion that something is worth it, then I don’t beat myself up about it anymore. I don’t feel like a failure. In fact, I feel that much more empowered because I really thought it through before just mindlessly popping something in my mouth.

I haven’t really had anything super exciting to eat lately because it’s been turkey leftovers for almost 3 meals a day. It’s great because I don’t have to buy food, but it’s really not anything worth noting. I did find these delicious Whole30 compliant sausages at Target this weekend, though! They are Aidells brand, and they were super yummy! Nothing but chicken, apples, spices, and fruit juices for flavor. I will definitely be buying them again!

If you’ve read my about me section, then you know I have the BRCA2 genetic mutation that puts me at high risk for breast cancer. Well I got the ball rolling last month as far as my preventive screenings, and the whole thing has really just been kind of a nightmare. After speaking with the genetic counselor, I felt very good about the direction I needed to go, and I was pretty at ease with everything. Then once I started actually making the appointments, it became clear that even those in the medical field aren’t that well versed on what it actually is and how to handle it. I have been having to explain to every doctor I see exactly what it is and tell them what the course of action is.

It’s really frustrating to have to re-explain everything all the time, and it’s even more frustrating when different people are telling me different things. Long story short, I had my MRI today, but not before there was a lot of confusion about whether I had to have a mammogram first or not. I actually had to come in an hour earlier for my appointment to get squeezed in for the mammogram and ended up not needing it. I was very thankful for the nurse in the breast center who really seemed to know what she was doing because it saved me quite a bit of headache.

As for the MRI itself, it was really no big deal. It took about half an hour, and I was out of there. The MRI techs were really nice and helpful and made something that was not really all that pleasant an OK experience. They explained everything they were doing and just made me feel very comfortable. I started my day off feeling annoyed and frustrated with the whole thing, and now I’m back to a place of feeling OK with everything again. I won’t get the results from my MRI for a couple days, but I’m really not worried about it. I’ve been diligent with my self exams, and I haven’t felt anything abnormal, so I’m guessing I’ll be free and clear. 🙂

Have a happy Tuesday!


Take It Easy!

I don’t know about you, but I can be really hard on myself sometimes. I set absolutely unrealistic goals, and then I get upset when I don’t reach them. It’s completely ridiculous! I had one of those moments this morning until I made myself really think about it logically. After that I was actually feeling pretty good about myself!

I’m on day 14 of my second Whole30. I’ve made it 2 whole weeks, and I’ve got willpower up the wazoo to make it the full 30 days. I woke up this morning feeling awesome! I looked in the mirror, and instead of the usual picking and poking and focusing on my trouble spots, I thought I looked pretty good. Then I stepped on the scale… Because I was feeling so hot and light and thin, I was expecting a number that was reflective of my mood. It wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome number! I am at my lowest weight since my junior year of college back in 2007, but it wasn’t the number I was expecting and hoping for.

I felt pretty down about it all morning until I really stopped to think about it. I started my first Whole30 on September 29, and since that day, I’m down 22 lbs! That’s 12 lbs from the first one and 10 lbs from the second at only 2 weeks in! That means that I’ve lost 22 lbs in 2 months which is really great progress, so it’s completely ridiculous that I was upset this morning that I wasn’t down more than I am. Also, I mentioned in a previous post that I had to go down a pant size the last time I bought pants, and well… they’re starting to get big on me!

These ridiculous high standards have got to go! Especially because they’re based on numbers that tell me nothing more than my gravitational pull… My weight does not indicate how healthy I am or what kind of person I am. I am not the number on the scale. I’m getting healthy, and I’m feeling amazing. That’s what I should really be holding myself to. I’m honestly getting to the point where I’d really just like to get rid of my scale altogether. Unfortunately because of the 6 month Diet Bet I’m in, I won’t be able to until May, but at that point… I’m thinking it’s gone, or at the very least hidden away in my closet so I’m not tempted to pull it out all the time.

So back to my second Whole30! As I said above, I’m on day 14!!! That little mental shift I had a couple weeks ago was exactly what I needed to kick my butt back into gear. It’s not about losing weight. It’s about my health, and making my body feel good by fueling it with good foods. The weight loss is just a natural side effect of fueling my body the right way. (It sure is awesome though! 😉 )

In full disclosure, I’ve been slightly more lax on this Whole30 than I was on the first one, but I really don’t think it’s going to do too much. I’ve had a little bit of sugar here and there because it was in foods that I was using for cooking, but honestly, I’m ok with that because I don’t really feel my sugar dragon breathing down my neck anymore, and it was in such low quantities that it really wasn’t going to do much anyway. The little bit of sugar that I’ve had has not led me running into my kitchen for the Reese’s trees I have hidden in my cupboard. (I think that alone speaks volumes to how far I’ve come. I have some Reese’s in my cupboard… I’m well aware they’re in there, but I haven’t been tempted once to break into them before my 30 days are up.)

I am feeling really good this go around. Now that I’ve figured out that I can’t eat eggs, my stomach is feeling mostly back to normal! I’m eating only until I’m full, and I’m not ravenously hungry between meals. It’s weird because I’ve tried the whole “listen to your body’s cues. When you feel full, stop,” thing before, but I always felt like a failure because I could never figure out when I was full. I know now that it’s because I was never getting the proper cues because the types of foods I was eating were blocking them. Crazy how that works…

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m planning to stay strong! I’m making a couple of sides that I know I’ll be able to eat, and my dad is making the turkey and ham in a way that I can eat it. I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be getting all the traditional favorites that I usually enjoy, but honestly, I think I’ll be happy to not be walking around uncomfortably full all day! And, if I really, really want the turkey dinner with all the fixings, I can always get one somewhere when my 30 days are up. I really doubt I will though.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whole30-Last Day! …Sort of

As the title states, today is day 30 of my Whole30, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to keep it going for a little while yet because I’m not feeling the “tiger blood.” Honestly, I’m a little frustrated because I feel like I’ve gone through my Whole30 backwards. When I first started, I felt awesome! My digestive issues were clearing up, my skin looked clearer, I felt thinner… And now on day 30 of my Whole30, I feel bloaty and lethargic, I have had the worst sugar and carb cravings, and I just feel super lazy. I had to force myself to even write this post.

Honestly, it’s terrible because I should be feeling much better on day 30 than I did on the first few days, and it’s just the opposite. Ever since two Fridays ago, I’ve been off my game. I’ve been compliant, but something got screwed up in my gut, and it’s really affecting everything else. I did start taking my probiotic supplements again, and even after 2 days, I feel so much better. I was really hoping that eating the right foods would fix the problems, but I think it might take a little longer for me. So anyway, long story short, I’m extending my Whole30. I have a fun weekend with the boy planned for this weekend, so I might indulge in a cocktail or two, but otherwise I plan to keep compliant.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the personal trainer at the gym. I am so tempted to cancel it because I’ve been so lazy, but I know I need to keep it. It could be just what I need to get my momentum going again. I really hope they can give me a program that I’ll be able to stick with. I think that should be my goal for next month-create a workout plan and stick to it for the whole month, no excuses!

Normally this is where I’d post what I’ve been eating for the last few days, but it was just leftovers, so I really don’t remember… The one delicious thing I did make was coconut shrimp with coconut flour and shredded coconut. That turned out really good! Of course I forgot to take pictures though…

Anyway, I apologize that this is such a downer post, but I just feel so frustrated. However, tomorrow is a new day, and I intend to turn this ship around! I will be feeling that tiger blood by day 58!