Whole30 Week 5 and Recap

Daylight Saving Time is killing me this week! I was pretty set in some great healthy habits, and then the time change happened, and I can’t get out of bed in the morning at all. I go to bed at 9:30, but when 5 a.m. rolls around, my body’s like, “nope!” I really don’t think it has anything to do with reintroducing foods because when I snooze my alarm until 6 which was 5 before the change, I’m fully charged and ready to go. I think my body is just very stuck on its internal clock, and it’s going to take a while for it to switch over.

Anyway, all that said, here’s my last two days of Whole30, and my overall recap! If you want to see my previous weeks’ posts, click here for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

Day 29:

Day 29

Breakfast: Ranch chicken salad from The Pinning Mama on Romaine, strawberries (This chicken salad is phenomenal! It’s definitely in my top 5 favorite Whole30 recipes. Something in it doesn’t work well for my stomach, so I’m going to have to play around with the recipe to get it to work for me. It’s that good!)

Lunch: Paleo Cuban pork chop from Follow the Ruels, green beans, clementine

Dinner: handful of olives, Larabar, applesauce pouch

Snack: no snack

Notes: My stomach was feeling really bloated all day today, so I wasn’t very hungry when I got home. I ate a couple things just to get something in my system, but none of the things I had prepared sounded very good to me.


Day 30:

Day 30

Breakfast: Stuffed chicken breast from Popular Paleo, green beans, strawberries, V8 Spicy

Lunch: Carnitas from My Heart Beets on romaine, 2 clementines

Dinner: Smoothie

Snack: no snack

Notes: I felt great today. I was a little hungrier today than I had been previously. I had a really busy night not getting home until about 7:30, and by the time I got home, I really didn’t feel like eating anything in my fridge, so I made a smoothie. It was gross. I added some chard I had in my freezer, and that was all you could taste, so it was really bitter. It was also really thick and kind of warm, so I threw about half of it out.


Week 5 recap:

The last couple days were great! I was feeling so good that I didn’t know if I wanted to even reintroduce anything; however, during my first Whole30, I caved and got a pizza on day 31, so I didn’t figure out how different foods affected my body. I was worried that this time around I’d try and stick to Whole30 for as long as I could until one day I’d cave and have something that was off plan, so I decided to do the reintroduction and go from there. If I want to go back to relaxed Whole30 after the reintro, then I will.

I’m still playing around with ideas of what I want to do come Monday when the reintro is over, and so is my Whole30, so we’ll see what I decide to do. I did order some meal replacement shake powder to see how I like that. If you’ve noticed, I have a hard time getting myself to eat on weeknights and weekend days. I had done some research into intermittent fasting because I’ve heard great things about it, and I thought it could work well for me to just make dinner time my fasting time; however, after digging in a little more, it seems that IF isn’t good for women because it can cause hormone interruption which has a whole slew of nasty side effects including gaining weight! I ordered the shake powders to make sure I at least get a little something in my system on nights and days when I find it hard to make myself eat.


Whole30 Recap:

I will write up my tips and tricks for a successful Whole30 in my next post, but I just wanted to share some of my stats and my overall thoughts on how this round went.

First of all, I think this round was amazing! I definitely feel like I did things right this go around because I wasn’t tempted to cheat at all. I had a few cravings here and there, some of which were pretty intense at times, but I never once thought about caving in to them. My sugar cravings went away after the first couple weeks, and sticking to plan actually felt, dare I say it… easy… We planned everything out ahead of time and picked a variety of delicious meals, so I think that was a huge help.

The first and most noticeable benefit I gained from my 30 days were huge amounts of energy! I got pretty tired in the first week, but after that, I felt like my system normalized, my blood sugar evened out, and I could get out of bed fairly easily in the morning, and I had sustained energy throughout the day. It was fabulous!

Second, my motivation in other areas of my life skyrocketed. I am currently on a 5 week streak of working out every day, and I have kept my house clean for several weeks now. I think this benefit came about because of a mixture of the sustained energy and the discipline I’ve had to exercise with my food choices. Whatever it is, I’m loving it! I’m getting so much done, and I feel so good!

Third, my mood has pretty much stabilized. I don’t feel like a crazy person who just cries at the drop of a hat anymore. I am almost always in a good mood, and the stressors in my life don’t bother me as much as they used to. This mood stabilization even lasted during my time of the month when I normally get really irritable and weepy over everything.

And last, but not least… the physical changes have been awesome! I lost 15 lbs! I can definitely tell that I’ve lost weight because my clothes are fitting a lot more loosely than they were previously. I just took a pair of jeans out of the dryer this morning, and they were loose on me… straight from the dryer! I kept having to yank them up all day. It was great. 🙂 I lost a total of 7″ off my body. That doesn’t seem like much to me, but I can definitely feel it, so maybe I’m losing it from areas where I didn’t measure. Who knows? I feel good, and, honestly, that’s all that really matters!

I wish I had some before and afters to include in here, but I haven’t had a chance to get any afters yet with my schedule being so messed up the last week. I hope to get some tomorrow, and I’ll throw them in my next post. 🙂



Alright, it’s another short and sweet post today. I really haven’t been doing anything groundbreaking as far as what I’ve been eating, and I’ve been really unmotivated to do any working out, so I haven’t had much to write about, unfortunately.

On Friday I did have a little bit of excitement in that I hit a milestone with my weight loss. I am now officially down 50 lbs from my highest weight! I’m only down 30 from my last serious push to lose weight, but that’s still really exciting! I buy 30 lb bags of food for my dog, and those suckers can be heavy to carry through the store! And to think I had been carrying that around all the time on my body… Crazy!

I was a little frustrated today though because I had a small reminder of just how far I have to go yet. I have been trying to get some life insurance in place, and I thought I’d get a pretty decent rate because overall I’m pretty healthy. When the rep from the insurance company called me, she told me that my rate was actually going to be much higher than what my online quote came back as due to my height/weight ratio. It just kind of sucks because I’ve been feeling great lately, and it was just kind of a kick back to reality. Oh well… By this time next year, I’ll be down to my goal weight and I can get a requote to save some money! 🙂

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for you today. What have been your wins or reality checks this week?

Take It Easy!

I don’t know about you, but I can be really hard on myself sometimes. I set absolutely unrealistic goals, and then I get upset when I don’t reach them. It’s completely ridiculous! I had one of those moments this morning until I made myself really think about it logically. After that I was actually feeling pretty good about myself!

I’m on day 14 of my second Whole30. I’ve made it 2 whole weeks, and I’ve got willpower up the wazoo to make it the full 30 days. I woke up this morning feeling awesome! I looked in the mirror, and instead of the usual picking and poking and focusing on my trouble spots, I thought I looked pretty good. Then I stepped on the scale… Because I was feeling so hot and light and thin, I was expecting a number that was reflective of my mood. It wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome number! I am at my lowest weight since my junior year of college back in 2007, but it wasn’t the number I was expecting and hoping for.

I felt pretty down about it all morning until I really stopped to think about it. I started my first Whole30 on September 29, and since that day, I’m down 22 lbs! That’s 12 lbs from the first one and 10 lbs from the second at only 2 weeks in! That means that I’ve lost 22 lbs in 2 months which is really great progress, so it’s completely ridiculous that I was upset this morning that I wasn’t down more than I am. Also, I mentioned in a previous post that I had to go down a pant size the last time I bought pants, and well… they’re starting to get big on me!

These ridiculous high standards have got to go! Especially because they’re based on numbers that tell me nothing more than my gravitational pull… My weight does not indicate how healthy I am or what kind of person I am. I am not the number on the scale. I’m getting healthy, and I’m feeling amazing. That’s what I should really be holding myself to. I’m honestly getting to the point where I’d really just like to get rid of my scale altogether. Unfortunately because of the 6 month Diet Bet I’m in, I won’t be able to until May, but at that point… I’m thinking it’s gone, or at the very least hidden away in my closet so I’m not tempted to pull it out all the time.

So back to my second Whole30! As I said above, I’m on day 14!!! That little mental shift I had a couple weeks ago was exactly what I needed to kick my butt back into gear. It’s not about losing weight. It’s about my health, and making my body feel good by fueling it with good foods. The weight loss is just a natural side effect of fueling my body the right way. (It sure is awesome though! 😉 )

In full disclosure, I’ve been slightly more lax on this Whole30 than I was on the first one, but I really don’t think it’s going to do too much. I’ve had a little bit of sugar here and there because it was in foods that I was using for cooking, but honestly, I’m ok with that because I don’t really feel my sugar dragon breathing down my neck anymore, and it was in such low quantities that it really wasn’t going to do much anyway. The little bit of sugar that I’ve had has not led me running into my kitchen for the Reese’s trees I have hidden in my cupboard. (I think that alone speaks volumes to how far I’ve come. I have some Reese’s in my cupboard… I’m well aware they’re in there, but I haven’t been tempted once to break into them before my 30 days are up.)

I am feeling really good this go around. Now that I’ve figured out that I can’t eat eggs, my stomach is feeling mostly back to normal! I’m eating only until I’m full, and I’m not ravenously hungry between meals. It’s weird because I’ve tried the whole “listen to your body’s cues. When you feel full, stop,” thing before, but I always felt like a failure because I could never figure out when I was full. I know now that it’s because I was never getting the proper cues because the types of foods I was eating were blocking them. Crazy how that works…

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’m planning to stay strong! I’m making a couple of sides that I know I’ll be able to eat, and my dad is making the turkey and ham in a way that I can eat it. I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be getting all the traditional favorites that I usually enjoy, but honestly, I think I’ll be happy to not be walking around uncomfortably full all day! And, if I really, really want the turkey dinner with all the fixings, I can always get one somewhere when my 30 days are up. I really doubt I will though.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jumping Off the Wagon

As you may have gleaned from the title, I have been in a bit of a rut lately. Ever since my allowed “worth it meal” on day 31 of my first Whole30, I’ve been completely derailed. I had my worth it meal, but I told myself it was not going to mean I was done eating clean. The next day, I had every intention of starting back up, and then there were cookies… (or something… I’m not really sure what the exact trigger food was anymore.) And my brain said, what’s the harm in having one little treat? You’ve been so good for the last 30 days! You deserve a little something, and besides, it’s not like having the one treat is going to completely do you in.

I had the treat and swore I was going back to clean eating. I did… until another treat came along. Then at that point my reasoning was well… the new month starts in a couple days, might as well just start then. November has 30 days, so it’s pretty much a sign! The problem was on November 1 I was in Milwaukee with my boyfriend for a “special day,” and on “special days” we should allow ourselves to enjoy! And enjoy I did!

Oh well, I thought. I will start tomorrow. And then tomorrow happened, and I hadn’t gone to the grocery store, so I didn’t have any food to cook. Again, I thought it’s not a big deal; tomorrow is a good day to start. I did pretty well sticking to Whole30 for Nov 3-7, but then on Nov 8, I was with the boyfriend again, and I didn’t plan ahead. I didn’t eat anything until about 2, by which point I was hangry! We went to a steakhouse, and begrudgingly I remained compliant, the whole time judging my bf jealously while he enjoyed his fresh baked crusty bread, bowl of hearty chowder, slathered BBQ ribs, and French fries. All the things I was dying to have on the cold and blustery day!

A few hours later, I was hungry again, and I was at the point where I just didn’t care what I ate as long as some food entered my belly as quickly as possible. The bf had some chips, and we ordered a pizza. I decided to not let myself feel guilty over it because stuff happens. I had planned poorly, and this was the consequence. That just meant that I was back at it the next day. Except the next day I woke up around 8 when the bf came back from his short morning shift. He was tired, so I let him sleep for a couple hours. I was ridiculously hungry, and being that I wasn’t in my house, I didn’t really have any compliant foods available, so I went for the leftover pizza. Well of course the day was just ruined after that (*sarcasm*), so when the bf woke up, we went for pancakes. Then for dinner we had subs…

Then every day this week, I’ve told myself that I’m starting my Whole30, and today is the day! Absolutely no excuses, here we go! Every day I’ve packed healthy, Whole30 compliant meals for breakfast and lunch, and I felt great! Then I’d get done with work, and all my resolve was completely gone. There was always something that justified me buying a candy bar or chips or pizza…

I’m guessing my lack of motivation for the second go around has to do with the fact that my focus has changed since my first one. On my first Whole30, I was all about the health aspect. I read “It Starts With Food,” by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, the creators of Whole30 and Whole9 Life, and it made so much sense! I had been eating junk for years, completely messing up my body to the point where I became significantly overweight, have bad acne, asthma, sinus problems, digestive issues, and aches throughout my whole body, and most of the problem is likely due to what I was eating.

During my first Whole30, most of my headaches, body aches, acne, stomach issues, etc. went away, and I felt amazing! I was focusing on my health by eating the right foods, and as a bonus, I lost 12 lbs and a couple inches. The weight loss was awesome, but it wasn’t, and shouldn’t have been, the focus. When I started, my intent was to correct the years of damage I’ve done to myself and to finally feel well. After I was done, however, I saw the weight loss results and I got greedy. I wanted more! I saw how much I had dropped in a short period of time and felt confident I could do it again.

Right around the end of my first Whole30, I came across Diet Bet, which, if you haven’t heard of it, is a site that is supposed to help encourage you to lose weight by putting down money into a pot that is split by anyone from the group that meets the goal. Riding the high and confidence boost I felt after completing my first Whole30, I decided that I could easily make a couple bucks off of something I was doing anyway, and I joined a couple of them-a 1 month and a 6 month bet.

Well, wouldn’t you know that as soon as my focus became all about losing weight instead of my health, it didn’t seem as important. Of course I’d like to lose weight, who wouldn’t? But personally, it’s just not that big of a motivator to me. For me, the weight loss is all about looks, and you may disagree, but I think I look pretty good the way I am. I could look better, I’m sure, but I’m happy enough with the way I look right now that it’s just not enough for me to want to give up all the good tasting junk that I’m used to eating. Even the money hasn’t been enough of a motivator to get myself back to eating right!

I’ve tried losing weight more times than I can count, but it has never really worked. I’ve had some success on a few plans, but I’ve always regained the weight, usually also carrying a few more lbs along for the ride. I’ve lost significant amounts of weight 3 times in my life, and every time it was when I focused on eating healthy foods and exercising because I knew it was good for my body.

So anyway, I guess to sum it all up, I’m shifting my focus back onto my health-moving more and eating good, whole foods because it’s what my body needs. To jump start myself back onto the right path, today is really and truly day 1 of my second Whole30, and I’m bound and determined to see it through all 30 days. I’m putting it out there in hopes that it will help me get through the first few days and not go back on it! I’m sure I’ll lose a few more lbs, but I really would like my health back.

UPDATE: I wrote this post on Friday and completely forgot to hit publish! But I am proud to say I made it through my weekend fully committed and am now on day 4 of my second Whole30! I feel so much renewed vigor with this one that I feel very confident I’ll make it the full 30 days. 🙂 I even resisted a heaping plate of fries smothered in cheese, bacon and ranch when we went out for dinner on Saturday night. It was sitting right in front of me the whole time, and it smelled absolutely sinfully good, but I didn’t cave! 🙂


My 180

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was going to just continue my Whole30 until Thanksgiving, but I’ve really felt burnt out on it the last few days, so I made the conscious decision tonight to enjoy a “cheat meal.” I don’t like calling it a cheat meal because I don’t feel like I’m cheating. Some people call it a reward meal, some call it a cheat meal, but I’m just calling it a meal. I don’t like calling it a cheat because that implies that I’m doing something bad. I also don’t like calling it a reward because rewarding yourself with food doesn’t create a healthy psychology with food. If I’m going to adopt a clean lifestyle for the rest of my life, it has to be manageable, and to me that means occationally giving myself permission to eat things that don’t necessarily fall into the category of “clean.” The only caveat I have is that it has to be worth it, so I ate something I’ve been craving pretty much since day 1 of my Whole30… pizza! I ordered my favorite pizza from my favorite local pizza place, and it was amazing!

I ordered the personal size pizza which really has no right to be called a personal size pizza. It’s way too much for one person. That definitely didn’t stop me from eating the whole thing though… I always knew it was a trigger food for me or as the Whole30-ers say a “food with no brakes,” but I never really realized just how bad it was. I got about 5 slices in, and the pizza just didn’t taste as good. It registered in my mind that I was getting full, and the taste just wasn’t as good, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to eat it. I wanted to, and I knew I should, but I also really wanted to keep eating it. It was a really weird internal struggle.

I also had some caramel apple pie gelato, and it was the same as with the pizza. I bought the pint size container, and I planned to only eat a cup of it, but once I started, I just didn’t want to stop. I got to the point where I was getting uncomfortably full. I even portioned it out, but I kept going back for more. It’s definitely an indicator that I can’t keep my trigger foods in the house. If I know they’re there, my mind dwells on it until I eat it. Even though I’m really uncomfortably full, and I wish I wouldn’t have eaten all of it, I don’t regret it one bit. It was what I wanted most, I made the conscious decision to eat it, and I savored every bite. 🙂

I also mentioned yesterday that I had an appointment with a personal trainer today. I was really nervous about it all day today, but I told myself it was just an hour, and I was going. I went to the gym after work and started changing only to realize I had forgotten my sports bra! I stood there for a minute debating whether I should just work out in my regular bra, but since I’ve been losing, my regular bras have been fitting looser too. I decided to just go home, and I rescheduled my appointment for next Wednesday. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little relieved.

Finally, the good news for today… I stepped on the scale this morning. I wasn’t expecting much because I’ve been feeling so bloaty lately, but I was down 12 lbs! That’s about 3 lbs a week. 🙂 Even though that’s a significant loss, I still feel a little disappointed with the way I feel. I’m happy for the loss, but I decided to do the Whole30 to be more healthy, and I don’t feel as healthy as I was hoping. Tomorrow I’m back to eating squeaky clean until Thanksgiving, so hopefully I’ll get more of the benefits I was originally doing it for.


Whole30-Half Way There!

Today is day 16 of my Whole30 which means I am over halfway done!!! I have already seen amazing results, but I’ve definitely got quite a way to go yet. So… I’m thinking of extending my Whole30 into a Whole58. Am I crazy?! …Maybe a little. 😉 Really, I don’t see any reason to stop eating the way I’m eating. I don’t find it that difficult to be completely honest. The first week was challenging, but I’ve almost completely gotten over my cravings.

My plan is that I’m going to continue to eat Whole30 super clean until Thanksgiving which would be day 59. I’m not going to go crazy or anything because I think my insides would rebel, but I’m going to relax a little. I have a couple of Paleo veggie recipes that I plan to bring to wherever it is I end up going, and I found a Paleo pumpkin pie recipe for dessert. I always tend to overdo it on holidays, so I’m really just giving myself a solid reason to keep myself in check. After Thanksgiving, I plan to do the Whole30 reintroduction. I might have to do Whole30 for a few days first so I can really tell how the foods I’ve cut out affect me.

As I mentioned, I’ve been seeing some amazing results in just 16 days of Whole30. I’ve had a lot of GI issues which are finally starting to regulate themselves after over 2 years of being really messed up. It’s still a work in progress which is another reason why I’m extending my Whole30, but it is significantly improved over what it was before. My cravings are almost completely gone! I have my moments when I would kill for a cheeseburger or a cheesy slice of pizza, but they are few and far between and fleeting when they come up. I am now able to walk past our treat table or go into my favorite little cafe that makes the best cookies and not even really be tempted by them. I’m able to eat until I’m full and recognize when that is! But my most exciting result…

Drumroll please… in just 2 weeks on Whole30, I’ve gone down a pant size!!! I needed a new pair of jeans because my good pair got a hole in them. Just for shiggles, I picked out a pair that were the next size down, and they fit! I didn’t even need to suck everything in and shimmy for 15 minutes until everything was displaced enough to get them zipped up. It was AMAZING! In just 2 weeks, I accomplished what I’ve been trying so hard for the last… who knows how long to do!

So what have I been eating?

Saturday-Day 13

Breakfast-3 eggs, 8 oz Gingerade kombucha, sauteed asparagus

Eggs, asparagus, apple

Nothing fancy, but it looked so pretty plated that I had to share. Doesn’t get more wholesome than this!

Lunch-An apple-I know shame on me, but we were out hiking, and I wasn’t hungry.

Dinner- 7 oz tenderloin, salad with oil and vinegar, baked sweet potato, and a fruit salad. This was my second time going out to eat while on Whole30. We went to Texas Road house, and it was definitely a prime example of why you need to ask about the ingredients in everything.  I asked how the steak was prepared, and they use a special seasoning that has both flour and sugar in it. Definitely glad I asked! I was also still kind of hungry after we were done eating, so we went to the grocery store for some dessert. 🙂 I grabbed a container of fresh fruit and savored every bite.

Sunday-Day 14

Breakfast-Banana and 8 oz Gingerade kombucha

Lunch-Breakfast Taco Scramble Mess from Ultimate Paleo Guide

Breakfast Taco Scramble

Doesn’t look too pretty, but it’s pretty tasty! Great taco flavor with just a hint of spiciness.

Dinner-7 oz sirloin with a baked potato and steamed broccoli. Again another example for why you have to ask. I ordered the mixed veggies and asked what was in them. Either she didn’t say corn, or I just wasn’t paying attention. The latter is most likely. When it came out I had to ask if they had anything else, and I just felt really bad. I did ask, but clearly there was some miscommunication.

Monday-Day 15

Breakfast-Taco Scramble, an apple, and 8 oz Citrus kombucha

Lunch-Lazy Pot Roast Soup

Dinner-I had a late evening, so it was just 2 eggs and a microwaved sweet potato

Tuesday-Day 16

Breakfast-Taco Scramble, and apple, and 8 oz Citrus kombucha

Lunch-Lazy Pot Roast Soup

Dinner-Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce from Paleo Grubs

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

This picture doesn’t do it justice… This is really good! I’d eat it even if I wasn’t on Whole30!

I had so much going on in the last couple days that I just couldn’t fit it all in one post! I had an amazing time in Door County with the boy, so stop back tomorrow to read about that and see all kinds of gorgeous pictures!

Whole30-Day 12

I made it through another work week, and what a challenging one, at that! Lots of treats all week, but I stayed strong. I didn’t have any of the sugar laden treats, and I’m still standing. Imagine that! I’m sure I’m actually in a better position than if I had had them. 🙂 Now the real test begins… the weekend…

I don’t know about you, but I find it fairly easy to stick to a healthy eating regimen on weekdays when the rest of my schedule is fairly regimented, and then on the weekends, all bets are off. I’m either not doing anything and want to eat out of boredom, or I’m doing so much that I have to just grab what I can. Weekends are also the time when I see friends and family, and what goes better with socializing than food? This weekend will be no different.

Tomorrow I am going up to one of my favorite places in the world-Door County. It’s peak week for the fall color, and we’re going to go enjoy it by hiking at some of the parks up there. It’s going to be an awesome day! The one thing that is going to suck though is that I won’t be going to any wineries which is one of my favorite things to do up there. There are also several treat shops up there I like to visit any time I make it to the area, but I won’t be visiting them this time around. I’m sure I’ll be fine though. It’s not like I’ll never go up there again, and it’s not like I really need those treats. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something I can have that will be good and good for me! Regardless of all the things I won’t be doing, I’m still really excited for the hiking!

I think I was right about all of my symptoms coming at me all rolled up into a two day stretch. I got way too lucky not having any of the negative side effects, that it was just a matter of time before something caught up to me. I had a hard time waking up this morning, and I had some slight GI discomfort after eating breakfast this morning, but I feel so much better. The one thing I’m really struggling with right now is wanting to weigh myself!

I feel like I’ve lost some weight; I can see it in my face, and I can feel it in the way my clothes fit. Even though I’m feeling amazing, which is what should really matter, I’ve been so conditioned to rely on the number on the scale that I feel this intense urge to weigh myself for reassurance. However, I’m not going to give in. I’ve committed to going all 30 days without weighing myself or taking any measurements, and I intend to stick to that. This process is not just about eating better, it’s also about breaking the unhealthy psychological ties we have related to food and health, and this need I have to weigh myself definitely feels like an unhealthy psychological response that needs to be taken care of. Because it’s something I’ve been conditioned to do for as long as I can remember, I feel like it’s going to be a really hard habit to break. My goal is to only weigh myself once a month at work with the health coach. Maybe I should just get rid of my scale… Haha that probably won’t happen!

So what did I eat?

Breakfast: a banana, 3 eggs cooked with spinach, and 8 oz. Cosmic Cranberry kombucha

Lunch: Leftover Lazy Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, and sauteed green beans

Dinner: Leftover Lazy Pot Roast turned into soup